Balls for Clubs Campaign

Balls for Clubs Campaign

Here at Sports ball Shop we have always been heavily involved with our local sports clubs and teams, providing much-needed equipment and funding.

With amateur-level sports teams finding it increasingly difficult to secure sponsorship and funding, we have now launched a new initiative which is open to teams across the UK. The 'Balls for Clubs' campaign, is aimed at supplying teams, with fundamental resources, that they are currently having to go without.

We began making contact with clubs in November 2010, and have already sent out hundreds of sports balls, to clubs and teams across the UK.

If you have not yet been contacted, to claim your free balls for your club, send an email with the name, address details and website of your club to

Campaign Details:

- This offer is open to sports clubs and teams across the UK

- The campaign is ongoing and further contributions to clubs will be reviewed regularly

- For more information or to claim your free balls email

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