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To Sack Or Not To Sack, Footballs Conundrum

TweetWhen the going gets tough, the tough get going, or in footballs case the manager gets the sack. Is that the best way to improve results? Surely having some stability at the helm will enable everyone to relax and enjoy … Continue reading

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Free Balls and Inspired Facilities

TweetI am sure you are aware, that funding for any sports club is becoming more and more difficult to obtain. In today’s economic climate, clubs are finding it hard to justify spending money on improving facilities, when survival is the … Continue reading

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BBC Sports Personality Of The Year 2011 Nominations

TweetLast night the nominees were announced for this years BBC Sports Personality Of The Year awards. True to form the list has sparked a huge debate. Not only for who people think might be the winner but, also for those that didn’t make … Continue reading

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Mantis Serves An Ace

TweetIf you didn’t know already, there is a new tennis brand on the scene, one that is likely to have the bigger tennis ball manufacturers looking over their shoulder. Mantis was only started in 2009 by Martin Aldridge but, already … Continue reading

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Keeping Your Fielders Interested

TweetWe have talked at length on how you can motivate your fielding team, when playing cricket but, here we take a slightly different angle. We know as cricket coaches, to get the best out of our side will take weeks … Continue reading

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Can Non Leather Cricket Balls Become The Norm?

TweetCricket is a game of values and tradition, long hot summer days, families drinking Pimms and watching leather on willow. This may not be the case for much longer as one of these are under threat from animal rights activists. Cricket balls … Continue reading

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3 point training plan.

TweetWe were talking in the office this week, about our training plans, for the new year. We all agreed, it is important to attend training sessions, to try to regain our fitness levels of pre Christmas (pre snow in some cases) but, … Continue reading

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Wicket keeping coaching session.

TweetThis weekend, i had the pleasure of meeting, England wicket keeping legend, Jack Russell. He was the guest coach for the Oxfordshire County Junior Wicket keepers, training session. 4 hours of quality coaching was split over two sessions. The first … Continue reading

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What sports are, Tennis Ball Buckets, suitable for?

TweetWe often try to think of new ways to sell our core products. We sometimes have brain storming meetings to address the issue. Many products sell themselves easily and a few need to have innovative thinkers on the case. Our … Continue reading

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Coaching Training equipment at Sportsballshop.

TweetWe are pleased to announce our new range of Coaching Training equipment has now arrived at Sportsballshop. The range includes Cones, Ladders, Spring up goals, Hurdles and much more. We have coaches packs that should suit all types of sports … Continue reading

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