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Boules Balls
Boules Balls

Boule is a popular garden sport that originated in France many years ago. Boule is enjoyed by people of all ages and is often played in parks, gardens, club pitches and even indoors.

The aim of boule is to get your ball closer to the jack, which is positioned at the start of the game, than your opponents, whilst also trying to strategically move their ball further away whilst gaining advantage with your own.

Sports Ball Shop sells boules equipment of the highest quality, offering incredible aesthetic appeal and also amazing durability and reliability.

We have a range of Garden Games Boule sets, which contain all of the components required to enjoy playing this fantastic, relaxing game.

Our Big Game Hunters boule sets are ideal for use by players of all levels, featuring 6 or 8 aesthetically advanced metal boules, a durable wooden jack and a strong and canvas carry case. We now also have an 8 piece wooden set too.

These impressive boule sets are suited to players of any level and is ideal for parties, garden fun, BBQ's and many more scenarios, thanks to the convenient carry case that allows you to take the set wherever you go.