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Have you ever found yourself wondering how to introduce new drills into your coaching sessions?

Have you ever had an amazing exercise drill, warm up routine or coaching tip, that you wished you could share with other coaches?

This is your opportunity to join our growing community of sports coaches, that are happy to share drills, warm ups and anything coach related via our new drills and exercise sharing program.

If you have a video in 16:9 ratio (when your phone or video is longest on the horizantal axis) that you think would be of interest for this program please send it to Stuart and we will then look to edit the content and host on our YouTube channel - Sportsballshop.

If you are coaching players under the age of 18 you may need to get their parents permission to video them. Also check they are happy for us to host the video on our YouTube channel. You and your club will get a name check on the video and in the copy under the video. If you have a website or social media account you would like this linking to please do include in the email. If the file is too large to send by email, let me know and we will find an alternative method for the video transfer.

If you would like to be part of this community and want further information please email stu@sportsballshop.co.uk.