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Croquet Balls

Croquet Balls

Croquet Balls are a vital part of any croquet set - and spares are regularly bought by players, from professional players to families and individuals playing less competitively. When choosing your new or replacement set of croquet balls there are a few things which need to be taken into consideration. Generally speaking like with most things, the quality of the ball gradually increases in line with the price.

The Ball Material

Croquet Balls are made from different types of materials. There are painted wooden balls which range from 6.5oz which are primarily made for children and home, family use, up to 12oz which are suitable for adults to use but again, these are designed for recreational home use.The next step up to the wooden balls is the Composite and Plastic balls. The Composite balls are available in 9oz and 12oz where the Plastic balls are available to purchase in 12oz and 16oz weights.

The Ball Colour

There are both primary coloured croquet balls and secondary colours. The primary colours are yellow, blue, black and red and the secondary sets are made up of green, brown, pink and white. The second colour balls allow you to increase your set to a 6 player set or even for 8 players.