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Gilbert Rugby Balls

Gilbert have been producing rugby balls since 1823. They have a reputation as the market leader and are always developing technology to produce the best rugby balls, suitable for the level of play intended.
Gilbert are proud to be associated with Rugby Unions across the globe and also the Rugby World Cup and have provided the match ball for many years.

Gilbert offer a vast range of rugby balls available for elite, club, school or recreational use. They manufacture the match ball for eight of the top test playing nations, including England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand and Australia.

The range of Gilbert balls caters for all budgets and includes training balls and match balls. The training balls are suitable for all levels of player but are generally used in schools rugby, youth rugby and at senior club rugby. The training balls are all available in sizes 3, 4 and 5.

The Gilbert match balls are used throughout the world in all levels of the game including elite and professional standard. The version of the Sirius ball is used in the Premiership and World Cup matches, whilst the Kinetica and the Barbarian rugby balls are used extensively in adult rugby. The GTR4000 and Omega balls are all available in size 3, 4 and 5 whilst the Photon is available in size 4 and 5, the Kinetica, Barbarian and Sirius are only available in size 5.

Gilbert also has a Transition ball which is the Zenon 4.5, this ball has been designed for players moving up from a size 4 ball to a size 5 to enable the players to build confidence and skills before handling the larger ball. This ball can also be used by women in club and school rugby.