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Lusum Cricket Balls

The word Lusum was chosen as it means 'Play' or 'Game' in Latin. When choosing the names of the Lusum balls, as the name of the company was in Latin, ranks of the Roman army would be used, to not only name the ball but to also give it a rank within the range. All balls from the Lusum ranges are ranked as follows
Munifex = Training ball
Optio = Match ball
Aquilifer = Elite/Performance ball

The starting level or training ball is known as the Munifex and is the equivilant rank to a private. The Optio is a rank that is 2nd in command within his Century . He is selected by the Centurion and as he would be his number 2, Lusum selected the Optio as their second top quality ball.
The Aquilifer is a Roman Standard Bearer and is the best quality ball.

Lusum have research which shows that the marketing spend of the leading branded balls, adds around 25% to the cost of the product. As Lusum do nor sponsor leagues, clubs or players, the quality of the product offered by Lusum is often 25% cheaper than a similar quality ball from a leading brand.

If you need more help on WHAT CRICKET BALL SHOULD I BUY? then check out our helpful video quide below