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Lusum Rugby Balls

Lusum means 'Play' or 'Game' in Latin. Each Lusum ball is named after a rank in the Roman army. The Aquilifer is a Roman Standard Bearer and is also the name of their best quality ball. The starting level ball is known as the Munifex and is the equivilant rank to a private. The Optio is a rank that would be second in command within his Century. He would have been chosen by the Centurion and is their second top quality ball.

Munifex = Training ball - (Foot Soldier) - reliable, hard working, consistent and dependable
Optio = Match ball - (High ranking officer) - quality, leader, trustworthy
Aquilifer = Elite performance ball (Standard bearer) - pioneer, stands out from others, reliable, top quality leader

Take a look at the Lusum range of rugby balls and try them out, the quality will suprise you as will the price. If you haven't heard of Lusum, you may need convincing but these balls are manufactured in the same factories as all of the leading brands and use the same technology and materials. The difference........no marketing spend makes them better value for grassroots sport. Quality balls - Great prices