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Slazenger Tennis Balls

Slazenger are widely considered to be the UK's leading tennis ball manufacturer, offering a huge range of different balls that each offer experience enhancing features. Slazenger have been producing high quality sporting goods for more than 100 years, giving them an unrivalled understanding of the sport industry and the customers within it.

Slazenger tennis balls are used in a number of the most prestigious tennis events in the world, including our very own Wimbledon.

Slazenger, were founded in 1881 and have been actively developing products for club tennis players and professional tennis players. At the request of many of the worlds leading players, Slazenger were persuaded to support, The All England club and the Wimbledon Championships. Their tennis ball was used for the first time in 1886 but, that ball is a far cry from the modern day tennis balls. The original tennis balls were hand made and no one ball reacted the same. Todays tennis ball goes through many quality procedures to ensure every tennis ball reacts the same when bounced and travelling through the air.

In 1980, Slazenger and Dunlop formed, Dunlop Slazenger International. This enabled both companies to share resources and further develop the quality of the products available. We stock the full range of tennis balls from Slazenger which include Foam balls, balls for start up tennis - stage 1, stage 2 and stage 3, tennis balls for the recreational player, club player and competitive player. We also sell balls by the tin - either 3 ball or 4 ball tins, by the dozen or by the box. We also have bulk buy prices on all tennis balls ensuring your money goes further.

We have Slazenger tennis ball buckets for coaching mini tennis, intro tennis and buckets of standard coaching tennis balls which can also be used in tennis ball machines. Along with the pressurised tins of tennis balls we are sure to have a ball for you.