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Squash Balls

Squash Balls

Squash is a popular racquet sport that is played at numerous different levels all over the world. Squash matches can be contested by two single players or doubles teams and is played in an indoor court with lines marking the boundaries. The game of squash got its name because of the 'squashable' ball.

Sports Ball Shop sell a wide range of squash balls including squash balls designed for training and development, amateur squash balls and high quality, performance squash balls designed for competition play.

Dunlop are well known by squash players and supporters for manufacturing high quality squash balls and equipment. Our range of Dunlop squash balls is designed to offer our customers variation, ensuring that we have a Dunlop squash ball for all of our squash ball customers. You can buy any of our Dunlop balls with our bulk buy discounts. Choose from the biggest selling Dunlop Pro, Dunlop Progress, Dunlop max and the Dunlop Competition squash ball, all from stock.

Dunlop Squash Balls

Unsquashable are one of the most popular brands in squash, producing and selling thousands of balls each year across the UK. Sports Ball Shop are a leading distributor of Unsquashable squash balls, selling a variety of different balls at great value.

Unsquashable Squash Balls