Rugby Tackle Bags And Equipment

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  • Save -20% Mitre Rugby Kicking Tee

    Mitre Mitre Rugby Kicking Tee

    The Mitre rugby kicking tee is made from soft, durable plastic, and one size fits all. The ball can be positioned according to the preference of the player. Great starter rugby kicking tee and very popular in junior rugby. If out of stock, have a Gilbert and Webb Ellis rugby kicking tee as an alternative.


  • Save -24% Mitre Rugby Belt and Tags

    Mitre Mitre Rugby Belt and Tags

    These rugby belts and tags are designed for use in junior rugby up to and including under 8's. The belts are adjustable and hold two tags. Tag rugby belts are an essential training tool for young rugby players. It is great to develop young players reactions and ability to build confidence before developing full tackle skills. Choice of green, yellow, or red.


Rugby Tackle Bags And Equipment
We stock a wide range of rugby tackle bags, contact wedge's and rugby training equipment. The tackle bags and wedge's are suitable for all standards of player in youth and adult rugby. All of the equipment we carry are manufactured from water resistant fabric and most have a foam interior which are constructed to the highest standards.

These tackle bags are used in professional rugby across the world but most are also seen in local clubs and schools too.

Whether you are looking for tackle bags, contact wedge's, contact body suits, tag belts or any other type of rugby training equipment we should have it in this section. If not, please do let us know what you are looking for and we would be happy to quote.


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