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  • Save -13%Low stock! Molten Volleyball Club Ball Pack 1

    Molten Molten Volleyball Club Ball Pack 1

    Quality meets value with the Molten Volleyball Club Ball Pack 1 from Sports Ball Shop. Discover exceptional Molten volleyballs tailored for schools, clubs, and coaches seeking superb training balls at bulk prices. Unveil the premier selection: 6 x Molten V5M4000 training volleyballs at a significantly reduced rate. Confidently kickstart your club's success with this exquisite pack. Content includes: 6 x premium Molten V5M4000 training volleyballs. Feedback from numerous coaches and local clubs deems this as the ideal starter pack. Should you require a different bundle, explore pack 2 or reach out to us for a customized pack that suits your club's unique needs.


  • Save -9% Buy Molten V5M1800-L School Volleyball Sports Ball Shop

    Molten Molten 4 X V5M1800-L School Volleyballs

    The Molten V5M1800-L School volleyball is designed for use in schools and clubs, for junior players. The lightweight aspect of the ball is great for training and player development. This pack contains 4 V5M1800-L volleyballs. The Volleyball is the same size as a standard volleyball and weighs between 230g and 250g.  The soft feel synthetic leather outer make this the perfect choice for junior volleyball. The Molten V5M1800 also boasts a high quality latex bladder, ensuring maintenance is kept to a minimum.


Schools and clubs find it best to buy their volleyballs in bulk but do not have large budgets to spare. These Volleyball coaching packs have been designed with them in mind.

Each coaching pack contains a quantity of high quality volleyballs from Mikasa or Molten, the UK's leading Volleyball brands. Whether its the Mikasa MGV230 School Volleyball, the Mikasa ball used in the Olympics or the Molten V5M5000 Volleyball with Flistatec technology, we are sure we have a coaching pack for your game.


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