a very special shopping experience.

I knew at all times how my order was doing and when I would receive it. I think a lot of other companies could benefit from emulating your exceptional customer service. And on top of all this the product itself was every bit as good as I hoped it would be.

Sarah Williams, anonymous

Great Croquet Set

We wanted a proper croquet set but didn't want to pay for a 'professional set' so this one fits the bill exactly. It's well made and feels and looks 'right' . It arrived promptly though one of the mallets had a split handle. I phoned and sent a follow-up email and received a new mallet within 48 hours so great service from big game hunters

Markie Parkie, Guildford

Good game

Good quality reasonably priced product. Perfect for the occasional home family user.

Mr.. Dowe, warwick

Croquet set

s I think others have mentioned, this is not really a toy, but a full-size adult croquet set, complete with all the trimmings (more than we've found a use for!). The build quality seems pretty good, and all the parts come in a robust canvas carry case, which will come in handy for over-winter storage. My only complaint is that the game instructions are too brief, but a few minutes on Google solved that problem - still a rather strange oversight for what is otherwise an impressive package

D. R. Innes, swansea

Nice croquet set

i bought this set as a gift so haven't played with it. I was there when it was opened and was very happy with it. The set comes in a plain cardboard shipping box. Within this is the canvas bag which feels pretty sturdy. Inside the bag everything is individually wrapped in plastic for protection. The parts all feel like quality items and should last a long time.

Richard, Cumbria

Longworth Croquet set

To be fair, I haven't used this set so far, so I have no way of knowing whether or not it will stand up well to use. However I examined it very carefully indeed upon receipt and it seems to be very solid indeed, it's great weight is further testimony to that. It comes in a nice zipped bag that also seems to be of good quality. In conclusion, whilst I haven't used it, I have little doubt that it will be thoroughly up to the task.

Mike, Wrangle, Lincolnshire