Great product

I ordered 3 women's 5oz cricket balls for my daughter. They arrived really quickly and were in mint condition. A quality product from a great company. This was the first time I had ever used them and I will do so again. The only thing I would say, is a bigger discount on bulk orders might tempt my club to buy a couple of seasons worth of match and training balls. Maybe that's something to think about. Thank you for your great service.

Paul , Glasgow

5oz shiny pink balls for women

The delivery was really fast in fact it was quicker than the last order I put in. From payment to receiving my balls in my hands was two days. I've given 5 out of 5 stars because overall, the product, delivery, ease of website use, ease of payment, was top class. I have one request though - please put my balls in paper bags. Most of us are doing a good job and trying really hard to stop plastics from ruining our planet any further. Therefore, it's disappointing to find ball bags made of plastic in this day and age. Paper bags for my balls from now on please. Thank you.

P T, Glasgow