Gilbert Rugby ball Lights

What Is The Best Gift For A Rugby Player?

Is Buying A Rugby Ball The Best Christmas Gift Option For A Rugby?

Sportsmen and women are in general very easy to buy Christmas gifts for. The type of gift though is often influenced by the age of the player. Finding the perfect gift for a rugby player often involves buying a rugby ball or an item of leisurewear. It is no secret that retailers sell a large number of Gilbert rugby balls, in the run up to Christmas. They are particularly popular with parents and grandparents. Buying a rugby ball is a great option at Christmas, as it can be relatively cheap at around £12. They will more than likely go in the post, which is also cheap to send. If you are able to spend a little more, then adding a kicking tee is a great add on too.

What Can I Buy A Rugby Player For Christmas?

Buying the best gift for a rugby player at christmas can be challenging. Rugby players tend to get at least 1 rugby ball in their Christmas sack. They are a great option for many buy not every year so, what can you buy a rugby player instead of a rugby ball? This year we have a superb selection of RFU Rugby Lights in the shape of a rugby ball, which will sit nicely on the bedside cabinet or on the office work station.

We have a choice of 3 designs – England, Scotland and Wales available from stock. Other countries are available too though but we order these in as required. They include – South Africa, Australia and the original graphics lamps. The eliptical light cover is rugby ball shaped and has the Gilbert graphics. It’s sturdy 4 piece construction has proven very popular this year. This rugby lamp also includes a 12w LED energy efficient bulb too.

Rugby Lights Are The Ideal Gift For Christmas
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