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Where To Find The Best Ball Reviews

Where Can I Find The Best Ball Reviews Online?

Are you are looking to buy a sports ball for use in your chosen sport? How do you know you are buying the best ball for your budget? There are a number of review sites online but many are simply to give a link to an affiliate scheme. Above all this can be frustrating as they don’t actually tell you anything about the ball. You might be trying to compare a range of balls, or find a ball that suits your budget. However this is often missing from most reviews sites.

What Is The Best Sports Ball Review Site?

We have launched a brand new sports ball review site, which promises to give an honest opinion. I am biased but I honestly believe this will become the Best Ball Reviews website around. We look at a range of balls from all types of sports. For instance if you are looking for a football, basketball, rugby ball, netball……I think you get the gist, this new site will have feedback which should help you make an informed selection. The site is now live But we do still have a huge number of balls to review and these are being added daily.

How Do Your Rank A Ball On Your Review Site?

We have a group of 4 people that review each ball individually and score them independently on

  • Durability
  • Value for money
  • Graphics and visibility
  • Control or control and handling

These are ranked out of 10 and then a total score is given. Above all this view is personal and hasn’t been influenced by any supplier. In most cases we have provided a buy now link to Amazon should you wish to make a purchase. So we cannot be accused of pushing people back to our own Sportsballshop website. I hope you find the new site useful, if you have any feedback to offer, I would appreciate the comments.

If there are any balls or brands you woud like reviewed, please do let us know.

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