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Volleyball is a popular sport all over the world, played by millions of people each year on beaches, in parks and even indoors. It is played at an international level, as well as domestic levels in various different countries.

Our range of balls are designed to cater for people at all levels of the game, whether you're playing internationally or simply fancy a game at the beach.

It is thought that William G Morgan, a PE instructor, created the game in 1895. The game had similarities to a combination of handball and tennis. At first the game was known as Mintonette but, in 1896 it was renamed as volleyball, due the large amount of volleying involved in the game.

This game is an energetic team sport, which is played by men, women, youth and mixed teams. Each team has 6 players on the court, during play. The idea of the game is to score as more points than the opposition. The server starts play by serving the ball over the net and into the other teams half of the court. He serves by tossing the ball up and hitting it with the palm, wrist or lower arm, over the net. The receiving team must not let the ball bounce into their court.
Each team can only touch the ball a maximum of 3 times, before the ball must be played back to the other team's court. The first touch is generally an attempt to stop the ball from touching the floor in your court, the second touch can be to set up the attack and the third touch is usually a smash or a hit to the other team's court. Play continues until one team reaches 25 points and is at least 2 points ahead. Major games are usually played over five sets and the final set would only be played to 15 points.

Volleyball has been an Olympic sport since 1924 and now has two forms of the game held at the pinnacle of sport, the other version is beach volleyball.

Volleyball has its own terms for some of the hits such as, Serve, Set, Pass, Spike, Block and Dig. A variation of the game is played in Brazil, called Footvolley, in which teams cannot use hands and arm but, can use any other part of the body.

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