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The Club Guide To Sponsorship

Sponsorship and Fundraising

What could your club do with £5000, how would you spend it? What equipment do you urgently need? Is your clubhouse in need up renovation works but you have no funds to do it? Would you like to fund coaching courses for new coaches? If i gave you the tools to give your club an extra source of revenue, how would you spend it? I can show you how to gain funding, not only for this year but every year. Then have local companies knocking on your door in the future to find out how they can become sponsors of your forward thinking club.

As a passionate sportsman, it staggers me how little funding there is for grassroots sport. Millions of pounds are spent on supporting top leagues, players and clubs, making life of the sportsmen/women and clubs all seem very glamorous. However, the scene is very different for your local clubs across the country, with many finding it increasingly difficult to stay afloat.
I have had a number of years as a volunteer coach, fundraiser and chair of the sponsorship committee with my local clubs in Football, Cricket and Rugby. Through this effort i have found successful methods to leverage sponsorship with local businesses and build lasting relationships.

Sponsorship for Sports Clubs

I have helped a small club with very little sponsorship income, to one which has strong links with local businesses and sponsors income in excess of £4000 per season. I have devised a strategy and plan to maximise the sponsorship potential for your club. Whether your club already has sponsors or if you are looking for new sponsors, this E-Book 'Sponsorship and Fundraising For Sports Clubs' will help you achieve the best results.

This guide is suitable for all clubs - for those with their own ground and for those that may only have a website and hire facilities for club use. Whether your club has 20 members or 200, there is something for you in this book as I set out a simple plan, that can be adapted and expanded as you and your sponsorship team become more confident. Tools to help gain more sponsors in the future and maintain a lasting relationship with those you already work with.

Download the E-Book today from the AMAZON BOOK STORE Use it and let us know how successful your club has been raising £1000's through sponsorship.

Sponsorship for Sports Clubs