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    Bee-Ball Bee Ball Freestanding Netball Stand

    The Bee Ball Freestanding Netball Stand is the ultimate addition for every young netball enthusiast's practice sessions. Its adjustable height from 2.3m to 3.05m ensures it grows with your child's skill level. The durable design features an official sized ring measuring 38cm in diameter, perfect for honing accuracy and shooting technique. Thanks to the simple turn style wheel, height adjustments are effortless, and the telescopic pole offers additional convenience. Assembly is straightforward with the included instructions and fixings, and the high-quality nylon string net is designed to withstand intensive use. Offering the flexibility of indoor storage by removing the upper and middle poles, the Bee Ball Stand is as practical as it is functional. Whether it's for practice or leisure, this netball stand is an excellent choice for nurturing a love for the sport at home.


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    Bee-Ball Bee-Ball Netball Post With Free Mitre Intercept Ball

    Exclusive Bee-Ball Netball Post and Free Mitre Ball Offer Take your netball game to new heights with the Bee-Ball Netball Post, perfect for both club and garden use. Adjust the hoop to the desired height of up to 3.05 metres, or even lower it to 2.4 metres to suit players of all ages. Durable and stable, the base can be filled with sand and water for a solid foundation, and wheels are included for effortless relocation. The eye-catching hoop design features a striking red, white, and blue net, complemented by a vibrant red ring as shown in the second image. Each set comes complete with all necessary bolts and simple setup instructions. Plus, receive a FREE Mitre Intercept netball, worth over £7, with your purchase. Choose from size 4 or 5 to best match your needs. Note: For longevity during cold months Netball Post, avoid filling the base solely with water to prevent expansion.


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    Bee-Ball Bee Ball Pro Netball Stand

    The Bee Ball Pro netball stand is finished to a quality not seen at this price before. Every heavy duty pole has a high quality sand blast coating to give longer durability, whilst also giving a matt finish, which looks amazing. The Goose Neck design allows the player to shoot balls without fear of standing on the base, as this would be outside of the field of play. An issue with straight poles is the ball can hit the base after scoring, with The Goose Neck design this should never happen.This Pro netball stand can be adusted from 2.3m to 3.05m which is the official INF height. The hoop size is a regulation 38cm diameter and is constructed from durable 16mm steel. The net is an All Weather net which ensures it lasts longer.We recommend filling the base with a mix of sand and water. If you fill exclusively with water there is a chance that the water freezes in winter and this can cause issues with the base. Using a sand and water mix eradicates this issue.




    LET THERE BE NET!Our NET1 Netball System features a 38-litre Ergo Base, with an integrated ball holder. The base is made from high-density, blow-moulded polyurethane and its rounded top has been designed specifically for youth players - reducing trip risk at the pole base during play. The NET1 Netball System is fully-portable - tilt backwards and easily move it around on two integrated wheels. If you’d like the NET1 Netball System to stay in one place, four ground anchor stakes (supplied separately) can be embedded for added sturdiness. POLE & PROTECTIONThe NET1 Netball System's 5cm diameter powder-coated, three-piece pole is covered by a NET1 pad to protect players. The tool-free telescopic adjuster can change the height, from 2.0m up to 2.6m (6’5” to 8’5”), in seconds. SUITABLE FOR ALL SIZESThe NET1 Netball System is compatible with all Size 4  & 5 netballs. The Netball System post is ideal for use in gardens or on the driveway. It's suitable for 8-year-olds, 9-year-olds, 10-year-olds, 11-year-olds, 12-year-olds, juniors and all the way up to adult players.   *ball not included


Netball Stands
All of our netball stands have been tested for durability and ease of construction. We have built each of these stands so, we are able to better understand the needs of the classic netball player, young or old. Each stand uses a wheel system to ensure the stand, when constructed is easy to move into position.

They are all adjustable up to 3.05m and are ideal for the club or casual player.


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