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  • Save -31% Junior Speed and Agility Kit for Kids | Sports Ball Shop

    Precision Training Junior Speed and Agility kit

    Boost Your Child's Athletic Potential!Unlock the secret to superior agility and speed with the Junior Speed and Agility Kit from Sports Ball Shop. Watch your young athletes conquer each drill using our premium training equipment: 3 x 9" high hurdles for improved leap and stride 3 x 6" hurdles for precision footwork 2 x 2m ladders for superb coordination and balance 12 x 9" collapsible cones for versatile drills All elements are durably designed for young athletes and come conveniently packed in a handy carrying bag for easy transportation and storage. Shop now and elevate your junior's performance on the field!


  • Save -57% Buy Lusum Pro 6 Metre Agility Ladder at Sports Ball Shop

    Lusum Lusum Pro 6 Metre Agility Ladder

    The Lusum Pro Quality 6 Metre Agility Ladder stands out in the world of sports training. This top-tier agility ladder is suitable for athletes at all levels, offering an exceptional training experience. It includes 12 adjustable rungs, allowing you to customize the difficulty level to enhance your speed and coordination. Whether for a club, a school team, or personal fitness, it's the ideal training tool. Our Pro Quality designation comes from the durable heavy-duty polymer plastic rungs, sized at an imposing 30mm x 8mm and designed with bevelled edges for safe, bidirectional use. The ladder's side straps are intricately woven through each rung, significantly reducing wear and tear over time. Expand your training possibilities by connecting multiple ladders using the convenient clips, extending up to 18 metres for more intensive workouts. When not in use, the agility ladder can be neatly stored away in the provided canvas bag with a secure drawstring closure. Seeking training inspiration? Access our comprehensive range of drills specifically tailored for the Lusum Pro Agility Ladder. Suitable for diverse ages and skill levels, these drills will enrich your training regimen. Explore our guide and evolve your athletic prowess with the Lusum Pro 6 Metre Agility Ladder.


  • Save -29% Lusum Speed Agility Training Gear By Sports Ball Shop

    Lusum Lusum Speed Agility Kit

    Enhance Your Athletic Performance with the Lusum Speed Agility Training Gear Looking for versatile training equipment that can keep up with your rigorous workouts? Look no further than the Lusum Speed Agility Kit, available at Sports Ball Shop. Whether you're a dedicated individual athlete, a school, or a sports club, this comprehensive agility kit gets you covered!  Perfect for players of all levels to boost their speed and agility Includes everything you need for effective training indoors or outdoors Durable and long-lasting materials ensure years of use  Our Lusum Speed Agility Kit is not just for improving speed; it's also ideal for directional drills, strength and conditioning, or simply as part of your warm-up routine before a big match. With the ease of setting up and the convenience of a generously-sized carry bag, you can take your training wherever you go.  Invest in your athletic prowess today. Buy now and take the first step towards reaching your peak sports performance with Sports Ball Shop.


  • Save -22% Buy Precision Training Speed Agility Hoops Sports Ball Shop

    Precision Training Precision Training Speed Agility Hoops

    Precision Training Speed Agility Hoops Expertly designed to boost your agility, speed, and coordination, the Precision Training Speed Agility Hoops are essential for athletes looking to elevate their performance. Conveniently supplied with a storage bag for easy transportation. Customize your training intensity with variable spacing options, engaging different muscle groups for a comprehensive workout. Each set includes 12 durable hoops, measuring 44cm in diameter, perfect for a variety of exercises.


  • Save -23% Precision Training Speed Agility Hoops at Sports Ball Shop

    Precision Training Precision Training Speed Agility Interlocked Hoops

    Maximize your agility training with the Precision Training Speed Agility Hoops. A set of 12 vibrant hoops consisting of 4 red, 4 yellow and 4 blue, strategically designed to foster improvements in speed, footwork, and coordination. Ideal for athletes and trainers, these hoops can become an indispensable asset to any training routine, efficiently building stamina.  Incorporate these hoops into your workouts and experience a remarkable enhancement in your agility and performance. The Precision Speed Agility Hoops come with a convenient carrying bag, making them easily portable and perfect for any training environment.


  • Save -25% Precision Training Step Training Hurdles - Sports Ball ShopPrecision Training Step Training Hurdles - Sports Ball Shop

    Precision Training Precision Training Step Training Hurdles

    Precision Training Step Training HurdlesDeveloped for athletes seeking to improve their jumping, striding, and arm control, these heavy-duty PVC coated hurdles by Precision Training/Mitre are essential for dynamic workouts. Versatile in design, they are sold individually and available in 6", 9", and 12" heights to cater to a variety of training needs.Perfect for coaches and players alike to diversify fitness routines, Precision Training's step hurdles can transform any training session. These durable hurdles offer robust performance and are an indispensable tool for increasing lateral speed and maintaining peak physical condition.

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Whether you are looking for hurdles, ladders, hoops, evasion belts, power resistors or medicine balls, they are all here. We have stock of a huge range of fitness and agility training equipment for use in training and fitness drills.

The ranges are supplied by leading manufacturers Mitre, Lusum and Precision Training.

Mitre, Lusum and Precision Training produce high quality training equipment and have put together a number of sets to include training equipment used most often in fitness and agility sessions


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