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  • Save -31% Junior Speed and Agility kit

    Precision Training Junior Speed and Agility kit

    Precision Training Junior Speed and Agility kit comprises of the following items: 3 x 9" hurdles 3 x 6" hurdles 2 x 2m ladders 12 x 9" collapsible cones. All supplied with a bag.


  • Save -57% Lusum Pro 6 Metre Agility Ladder

    Lusum Lusum Pro 6 Metre Agility Ladder

    The Lusum Pro Quality 6 metre speed agility ladder is one of the highest specification ladders available today. The quality is amazing and is suitable for use with all levels of sports fitness. The ladder comes with 12 adjustable rungs so you can set the difficulty level to suit your needs. Ideal for club or school use but also perfect for personal training too. What makes this 'Pro Quality'? The rungs are constructed from heavy duty polymer plastic and are an impressive 30mm x 8mm. Each rung has a bevelled edge on each edge so can be used from either direction safely. The strap on each side goes through each rung to reduce wear and tear. These ladders are 6 metres long but the handy clips allow more than one ladder to be added at either end to extend the length of your ladder run. If you have 2 ladders these can be easily clipped together to make a 12 metre ladder, add 3 and you would have a leg busting 18 metre ladder. Each ladder can also be stored in it's own canvas bag when not in use. The bag has a drawstring closure to ensure the ladder remains in the bag. If you are looking for inspiration on how to use the Lusum Pro Agility Ladder in your training sessions, we have created a useful guide showing various drills which can be adapted to suit your ages and abilities. Follow the link below Training Drills For Use With a Lusum Speed Agility Ladder


  • Save -29% Lusum Speed Agility Kit

    Lusum Lusum Speed Agility Kit

    The Lusum Speed Agility kit is perfect for the individual sportsman and woman, schools and sports clubs. This agility kit contains all items to have a worthwhile and varied training session for players of all levels. The Lusum agility training kit is suitable for use both indoors and for outdoor use. All items are durable and sturdy to ensure the set lasts for years. This Speed Agility set is ideal for speed training, directional drills, strength and conditioning or just for use in warm ups before a match. Easy to set up and store away in it's carry bag, with is generous in size so everything fits comfortably back in after use.


  • Save -25%Low stock! Precision Training Indoor-Outdoor Passing Arcs

    Precision Training Precision Training Indoor-Outdoor Passing Arcs

    This set of 6 stable passing arcs are ideal for passing and practice drills for football training on astro and grass surfaces. They have interchangeable feet and spikes which enables indoor and outdoor use on any surface. The arcs measure 49cm clearance height to underside of the horizontal rail and has a width 42cm of between each upright. The construction of the adaptable feet ensures these will last for years. There is a threaded heavy duty sleeve at the base of each upright which will accept the screw in 11cm metal spike or the flat heavy duty plastic shoe which measures 15cm x 3cm The 6 passing arcs all fit in its own zipped carry bag. The bag has 2 zipped pockets to store the spikes and shoes. The colour of the arcs can be orange or yellow depending on the current stock.


  • Save -22% Precision Training Speed Agility Hoops

    Precision Training Precision Training Speed Agility Hoops

    Precision Training Speed Agility Hoops are designed to improve your speed, footwork, and co-ordination. Supplied with a bag. The speed agility hoops can be spaced together or further apart to give your workout some variety. This ensures different muscle groups are being used. Each pack contains 12 hoops with it's own carry bag. The hoops measure 44cm in diameter.


  • Save -23% Precision Training Speed Agility Interlocked Hoops

    Precision Training Precision Training Speed Agility Interlocked Hoops

    The Precision Training Speed Agility Interlocked Hoops comprises of 12 hoops (4 red, 4 yellow and 4 blue) in an interlocking ladder formation. These are designed to improve speed, footwork and co-ordination. A great stamina builder when used with other training routines. These speed agility interlocked hoops are supplied with a bag.


  • Precision Training Step Training Hurdles

    Precision Training Precision Training Step Training Hurdles

    Precision Training/Mitre Heavy Duty PVC coated step training hurdles. Ideal for exercising in jumping, striding, arm control and lateral speed. Available in 6", 9" and 12". Sold individually. The step training hurdle is one of the best tools a player or coach can use, whether it is to build fitness or maintain it. The variety of exercises achievable with these hurdles, ensures every training session can be different.

    £2.99 - £4.49

Whether you are looking for hurdles, ladders, hoops, evasion belts, power resistors or medicine balls, they are all here. We have stock of a huge range of fitness and agility training equipment for use in training and fitness drills.

The ranges are supplied by leading manufacturers Mitre, Lusum and Precision Training.

Mitre, Lusum and Precision Training produce high quality training equipment and have put together a number of sets to include training equipment used most often in fitness and agility sessions


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