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  • Save -35%Low stock! Rhino Reflex Rugby Training Ball

    Rhino Rhino Reflex Rugby Training Ball

    The Rhino Reflex Rugby Training Ball is a great training ball to practice skills at home or if you are on your own. All you need is a Rhino Reflex Rugby Ball and a wall. I have tried this and it is a great way to improve your passing and catching technique. You pass the ball onto a wall and the ball rebounds to the passer. This Rhino Reflex ball is half a rugby ball and you pass with the flat end towards the wall. The ball then comes back for you to catch. This training aid gives you hours of fun and helps you improve your rugby passing skills so quickly. You can make the degree of difficulty harder by moving further away from the wall, as you then need to pass the ball harder so it rebounds back far enough to catch.


  • Gilbert Rugby Ball Lamp

    Gilbert Gilbert Rugby Ball Lamp

    These Rugby Ball lamps are the ideal gift for any rugby enthusiast. Suitable for male and female rugby fans. We have a choice of lamps for England, Wales and Scottish fans. The rugby ball light is designed to be used at work or at home and they are all CE approved. 12w lightbulb required The lamps are Official RFU, WRFU, Scottish Rugby and Gilbert Rugby Licensed products and the design of the ball is based on the Gilbert ball as used in elite rugby. The lamp has a 4 piece construction so it truly replicates the panels of a rugby ball. The ellipse trim are striking when view through the lit lamp. The ball itself is a high quality injection moulded Polypropylene Copolymer material and the lamp measures 316mm x 210mm x 230mm. 3 models are available as follows: England Wales Scotland The lamp has an inline on/off switch, which is part of the cable flex.


  • Save -33% Lusum Rugby Kicking Tee

    Lusum Lusum Rugby Kicking Tee

    Kicking tees come in many shapes and size but the Lusum kicking tee is the most popular shape for new and experienced players. The kicking tee is very durable and can take extremes of temperature. The tee measures 125mm diameter and it's ball cradle teeth are 50mm at the front and 40mm high at the back. This Lusum kicking tee can take hours of practice without showing signs of wear and tear, unlike some other models available


  • Save -34%Low stock! Ball Pressure Gauge

    Precision Training Ball Pressure Gauge

    All too often players and coaches over inflate their football, rugby, basketball....etc and then complain the ball doesn't last that long. Split seams and burst bladders should be a thing of the past when using a ball pressure gauge to accuratley measure the ball pressure within the bladder. Every ball has the optimum ball pressure printed on the ball, using this ball pressure gauge you will be able to adhere to it. A small investment here will ensure your sports balls last longer giving you even better value for money. Standard needle adpator attached and measurements taken in pounds and kilograms.


  • Save -20% Mitre Rugby Kicking Tee

    Mitre Mitre Rugby Kicking Tee

    The Mitre kicking tee is made from soft durable plastic, with one size fits all. Ball can be positioned according to the preference of the player. Great starter kicking tee and very popular in junior rugby. If out of stock with have Gilbert and Webb Ellis kicking tee's as an alternative What Size Ball Do I Need to Buy?


  • Save -25% Gilbert Rugby Kicking Tee

    Gilbert Gilbert Rugby Kicking Tee

    This Gilbert Kicking Tee is one of the best available for both new and experienced players. The tee has a sturdy base ensuring a more stable kicking zone. Angle the ball as required and devolop the kicking skills over a period of time. This kicking tee will withstand hours of kicking and is durable enough to cope with our harsh Winters. If out of stock we have Mitre and Lusum kicking tee's as alternatives


  • Gilbert Rugby Tackle Bag

    Gilbert Gilbert Rugby Tackle Bag

    The Gilbert vertical Tackle Bags are available in 3 sizes and are used in all standards of rugby around the world. Not only seen on match days in the professional game but also seen on training grounds of most schools and clubs across the UK. The tackle bags are available in the following sizes Senior - 23kg and measures 138cm x 45cm Intermediate - 14kg and measures 138cm x 38cm Junior - 10kg and measures 122cm x 38cm The bags are manufactured to the highest of standards and have a water resistant fabric and a foam constructed interior. The specially woven materials give each bag enhanced durability and strength. The high gloss finish of each tackle bag helps the bags stay mud free and also ensure that can be easily wiped clean after use. The bags are sent direct from the supplier and delivery is around 3 days.

    £159.99 - £249.99

  • Save -27% Gilbert Rugby Tackle Wedge

    Gilbert Gilbert Rugby Tackle Wedge

    The Gilbert Rugby Tackle Wedge is the most popular tackle bag in the UK. It's size is perfect to take to training and away games of any standard of play. The water resistant tackle wedge has a wipe clean exterior fabric and a foam filled interior. Available in 2 sizes :- Junior H80cm x W34cm x D24cm and weighs 3kg Senior H94cm x W40cm x D30cm and weighs 4kg Can be used in a variety of ways to get the most out of tackling and driver drills. Easy to clean and includes sewn in handles to use during the training drills by the carrier or coach. These are sent direct from manufacturer and will take around 3 working days.

    £94.99 - £109.99

  • Save -24%Low stock! Mitre Rugby Belt and Tags

    Mitre Mitre Rugby Belt and Tags

    These rugby belts and tags are designed for use in junior rugby up to and including under 8's. The belts are adjustable and hold 2 tags. The tag belts are an essential training tool for young rugby players. Great to develop young players reactions and ability to build confidence before developing full tackle skills. Choice of Green, Yellow or Red.


  • Gilbert Contact Wedge

    Gilbert Gilbert Contact Wedge

    The Gilbert Contact Wedge is one of the first types of tackle bgas a young player may use, as they are priced to be used as the ideal junior rugby training hit shield. Often used when young players are mnoving up to contact rugby for the 1st time. The Gilbert Contact Wedge is easily stackable and are very popular with youth teams in clubs and schools across the UK. They are constructed from a heavy duty PVC outer which is hard wearing and easily wiped clean. The core has a foam inner pad whcih absorbs most of the impact. The straps on the back allow the player or coach to hold the bags safely and can also be used to carry to the changing rooms or car after training or match day. The bags are sent direct from the supplier and delivery is around 3 days.


  • Gilbert Rugby Body Wedge

    Gilbert Gilbert Rugby Body Wedge

    The Gilbert Body Wedge is simple to fit over the shoulders and secure in place with the straps included. The body wedge allows a player or coach to provide a hands free, mud free body wedge for realistic tackling , whilst giving the user extra protection. Ideal for use in all levels of the game and is an essential part of the coaching kit. The body Wedge are sent direct from the supplier and delivery is around 3 days.


  • Save -15% Samba Junior Rugby Post

    Samba Samba Junior Rugby Post

    Using a unique no holes fitting system these rugby posts are perfect for personal or club use. When packed up they will fit in to an average sized family car. Made from high impact UPVC they are light and easy to assemble. The no holes fitting system is a galvanised steel tube which you sink in to the ground approximately 22cm deep which should leave 29cm above the ground. The rugby posts will then slide over the top of the steel tube. Light and easy to assemble Unique no holes fitting system 9' 6" wide x 12' high Cross bar is 6' 6" high Comes with carry bag Goal weight 13kg Please note delivery on this goal is 1-2 working days


  • Save -23% Samba Rugby Football Post

    Samba Samba Rugby Football Post

    This goal gives you the best of both worlds if you are keen on football and rugby. The football goal measures 12' x 6' and then the rugby posts will be 14' high. The goal includes: Net Net Clips Ground Anchors Carry Bag Goal features: Light and easy to assemble Locking frame system 12' wide x 6' high (to the crossbar) Rugby post uprights 14' high 4' wide x 2" deep Goal weight 25kg Please note delivery on this goal is 1-2 working days


  • Save -14% Gilbert 5 Point Rugby Tackle Bag

    Gilbert Gilbert 5 Point Rugby Tackle Bag

    Our rugby coaches favourite rugby tackle bag as it encourages tackles lower to the ground, helping players perfect their technique. Being smaller they are also easier to store and cost less than the full sized version. The Gilbert 5 Point Tackle Bag is only available in 1 size :- Junior - 76cm x 38cm and weigh 10kg Each bag is manufactured to the highest standards and are constructed with a water resistant fabric and the interior has a HD foam cylinder core. Easy to clean too. The straps on the top and bottom of the bag make it easy to carry to and from the training ground. The bags are sent direct from the supplier and delivery is around 3 days.


  • Gilbert Curved Wedge

    Gilbert Gilbert Curved Wedge

    The Gilbert Curved Rugby Wedge is ideal for use with junior players in schools and clubs across the UK. They work best as a hit shield when coaching and developing clearing out techniques. The water resistant outer make them easy to keep clean. The Foam inner is designed to absorb maximum impact and negate injuries during training. The curved wedge also has handles on the rear for the contact player to carry into tackle. The bags are sent direct from the supplier and delivery is around 3 days.


  • Gilbert Rugby Technique Wedge

    Gilbert Gilbert Rugby Technique Wedge

    The Gilbert Rugby Technique Wedge is specifically designed to improve correct tackling technique and to improve the players body position when in contact. The unique design allows players to improve their footwork and to get into a stronger position. The coach can also stop the training drill to easily show the players head position, footwork and clearing out techniques. The Technique Wedge is constructed from a heavy duty PVC cover which ensures the bag can stay free from heavy build up of mud and can be easily wiped clean after use. The inner core has a foam material which is designed to absorb maximum impact. Handles on the back make this the ideal wedge for all types of rugby training drills The bags are sent direct from the supplier and delivery is around 3 days.


  • Save -25% Gilbert Rugby Contact Suit

    Gilbert Gilbert Rugby Contact Suit

    We currently have 2 types of contact body protection from Gilbert and both are available in Senior and Junior sizes. They both have a reversible design to ensure you continue to have astructured training session and no clash of colours. Both of the contact suit and contact top are constructed with a durable polyester material and are easily wiped clean after use. The Gilbert Contact Top provides all round upper body protection, without restricting the movement of the player or coach using the top. The design was created with assistance from Premiership rugby clubs. The Gilbert Contact Suit gives full body protectionand is ideal for tackle practice, whilst still giving the user plenty of upper body movement. Delivery on these items are 3 to 5 days Reviews Why not share your thoughts with others and leave a review.


Rugby Tackle Bags And Equipment
We stock a wide range of rugby tackle bags, contact wedge's and rugby training equipment. The tackle bags and wedge's are suitable for all standards of player in youth and adult rugby. All of the equipment we carry are manufactured from water resistant fabric and most have a foam interior which are constructed to the highest standards.

These tackle bags are used in professional rugby across the world but most are also seen in local clubs and schools too.

Whether you are looking for tackle bags, contact wedge's, contact body suits, tag belts or any other type of rugby training equipment we should have it in this section. If not, please do let us know what you are looking for and we would be happy to quote.


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