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  • Save -25% Double Action Hand Pump Dynamic TR555 By Sports Ball Shop

    Precision Training DOUBLE ACTION HAND PUMP TR555

    This double action pump will inflate your balls in double quick time, as it blows air into the ball, when pumping in and out of the ball.  It comes with 3 adaptors - 1 for inflating sports balls, 1 for inflatable toys and the final one can be used on most bicycle tyres. Double action hand pump measures approximately 25cm, when not in use and extends up to 50cm when being used, excluding needles.  Colours may vary. Lubricate your needle with Mitre Glycrine before inserting into your ball.


  • Save -34% Ball Pressure Gauge By Sports Ball Shop

    Precision Training Ball Pressure Gauge

    All too often players and coaches over inflate their football, rugby, basketball....etc and then complain the ball doesn't last that long. Split seams and burst bladders should be a thing of the past when using a ball pressure gauge to accuratley measure the ball pressure within the bladder.  Every ball has the optimum ball pressure printed on the ball, using this ball pressure gauge you will be able to adhere to it. A small investment here will ensure your sports balls last longer giving you even better value for money.  Standard needle adpator attached and measurements taken in pounds and kilograms.


  • Mitre-Glycerine and Ball Needle Adaptor Care Kit

    Mitre Mitre-Glycerine and Ball Needle Adaptor Care Kit

    This pack has been improved and now inlcudes a 30ml bottle of glycerine which is 50% more than previously supplied but at the same price.  To ensure you minimise the risk of puncturing your ball bladder, it is recomended you use Glycerine on the pump needle. Many balls are needlessly ruined by inserting dry needles or adaptors into the valve. Using the glycerine ensures the ball will not get punctured when inflating.  It is easy to use, attach one of the 2 ball needles to your pump and dip the tip of the needle into the glycerine pot or put a small drop into the valve face, then insert effortlessly into the ball valve. Wipe any excees off of the ball and needle after use.  This Glycerine and Ball Needle Adaptor Care Kit includes 1 bottle of SBS Glycerine and 2 x needle adaptors.  Using a lubricant like Glycerine will ensure you get the best from your ball. Spit and water are abrasive and do not act as a lubricant as rubber repels water.


  • Save -51% Thin Needle Adaptor Precision Training Ball Pumps By SBS

    Precision Training Thin Needle Adaptor

    Needle Adaptor Precision Training Ball Pumps, which is ideal for use on all Mikasa balls  Ideal for balls that require a thinner needle adaptor. The needle measures only 2mm and has a screw thread to attach to your pump.  Needles supplied loose.  Pump not supplied  Not compatible with the Mitre Stirrup Pump.


  • Save -18% Precision Training Hand Pump

    Precision Training Precision Training Hand Pump

    The Precision Training hand pump comes with it's own needle adaptor. This pump is our biggest selling pump and is easy to use and is small enough to store in your kit bag.  Moisten the needle with Mitre Glycerine before inserting in to the ball prior to inflating to ensure the bladder is not punctured.


  • Save -51% Standard Pump Needle Adaptor Precision Training Ball Pumps

    Precision Training Standard Pump Needle Adaptor

    Standard needle adaptor. This Standard Pump Needle Adaptor is suitable for use with almost every ball on the market.  3mm needle with a screw thread to attach to your pump  Moisten the needle before inserting into the ball, this will ensure you do not rip the bladder lining.  Pump not supplied. Needles supplied loose  Not compatible with the Mitre Stirrup Pump.


  • Save -33%Low stock! Stirrup Pump

    Precision Training Stirrup Pump

    This metal Stirrup Pump is suitable for individual, club, or shop use. This is the best-selling stirrup pump in our range and is simple to use. Insert the moistened needle into the ball, put your foot on the balance foot plate, and pump. The long barrel of the Stirrup Pump ensures your ball is pumped up in no time at all. Check the air pressure by using a ball pressure gauge (not supplied). We also suggest using Glycerine to lubricate the needle before inserting it into the ball, prior to pumping.


  • Save -31% Ball Care Pack

    Precision Training Ball Care Pack

    To ensure you get the maximum life out of your ball, it is important that you take great care when inflating it for the first time. It can be easy to puncture a bladder if your needle adaptor is not lubricated. It is also worth checking the PSI of the ball after inflating to ensure the correct ball pressure is maintained. If a ball is used that is overinflated, the seams can fail. This ball-care pack contains the following:1 x 30ml SBS Glycerine Ball needle lubrication and 2 standard needles.Plus 1 x Ball pressure gauge with air release valve.5 x Standard needle adaptors. This pack now contains 50% more glycerine than was previously supplied, at no additional cost.


  • Save -18% Ball Pressure Gauge & Stirrup Pump Combo By Sports Ball Shop

    Precision Training Ball Pressure Gauge and Stirrup Pump Combo

    To ensure your high value sports balls are pumped to the optimum pressure, you should use this quality stirrup pump and ball pressure gauge combo. Save more by buying as a pack. The stirrup pump is designed to take the effort out of pumping balls up and if you have a lot to do it would make sense to buy this one. The ball pressure gauge measures in pounds and kilograms, with the recommended pressure printed on most balls. The pressure gauge is the Precision Training version as we can no longer get the Mitre model. This classic stirrup combo pack now includes a 30ml bottle of glycerine to ensure you inflate your balls correctly and do not damage the ball when inserting the needle.


  • Save -11% Molten Hand Pump By Sports Ball Shop

    Molten Molten Hand Pump

    The Molten hand pump has an impressive double action inflate/deflate function, which requires 33% less effort than a conventional pump.  Notable for it's stylish Pentagon design and is compact for easy storage. The flexible needle and hose is stored inside the body, protecting the needle from damage when not in use. The flexible hose reduces the possibility of the needle adaptor breaking.  26cm in length.


Ball Pumps are an essential accessory for sportsmen and women, ensuring that the ball that you play with maintains its optimum size and structure throughout the duration of the game.

We stock hand pumps both single and double action, stirrup pumps,  needle adaptors, ball pressure gauges and glycerine to ensure the ball is lubricated prior to the needle being inserted.

Brands include Mitre, Precision Training, Wilson, and Molten


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