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  • Save -18% Wilson OPTX AVP Replica Volleyball | Sports Ball Shop

    Wilson Wilson OPTX AVP Replica Volleyball

    Discover the Wilson OPTX AVP Replica Volleyball at Sports Ball Shop, ideal for beach enthusiasts seeking exceptional performance. Its vibrant black, orange, and yellow hues ensure unparalleled visibility against various backdrops. Enjoy a beach volleyball experience with a ball that's not just visually striking but also built to enhance your game. The ball's striking graphics are purposefully designed to allow players to better perceive spin variations, aiding in-game precision. Emulating the authentic AVP volleyball's construction, this replica promises the same celebrated Wilson quality. Whether you're competing on sandy beaches or playing casual games indoors, the Wilson OPTX AVP Replica Volleyball is your go-to for reliable, high-performance volleyball action. Get yours from Sports Ball Shop today and step up your game!


  • Save -16%Low stock! Buy Molten Flistatec Volleyball By Sports Ball Shop

    Molten Molten Flistatec V5M5000 Volleyball

    Molten presents the pinnacle of volleyball innovation with their Molten Flistatec Volleyball, meticulously designed for optimal performance on the court. Experience the remarkable Flight Stability Technology that powers the most consistent flight path ever achieved by Molten. Endorsed with official FIVB approval, this volleyball is crafted from superior Synthetic leather and features an eye-catching tri-color palette of white, red, and green. The strategic colorway isn't just for aesthetics; it's engineered for heightened visibility to accommodate players at all skill levels. Extensive research has led to the pioneering raised hexagonal surface design, providing unprecedented flight stabilization. Coupled with a plush, softer microfiber layer, the Flistatec V5M5000 enriches player interaction with enhanced precision and firmer overhand passes. The innovative surface design not only stabilizes but also augments grip, giving servers an unparalleled level of control. Embrace the future of volleyball design with Molten's latest masterpiece. Secure your advantage on the court—choose the Molten Flistatec V5M5000 for a game-changing experience. Now available at Sports Ball Shop.


  • Save -20% Buy Wilson Super Soft Play Volleyball | Sports Ball Shop

    Wilson Wilson Super Soft Play Volleyball

    The Wilson Super Soft Play Volleyball is one of our favourite volleyballs. The look and feel of this ball is stylish and one of our best selling balls. The soft play volleyball has a sponge backed synthetic leather cover which gives a premium touch. The butyl bladder gives better air retention too. This ball is constructed using an 18 panel construction and is machine stitched. It is suitable for use in the garden or on the beach and is a very durable volleyball for outdoor use. The Wilson Super Soft Play Volleyball is currently available in green and purple and is supplied deflated for shipment.


  • Save -21% Buy Molten Soft Vinyl Volleyball - Ideal for Beginners

    Molten Molten Soft Vinyl Volleyball

    Discover the Fun with Molten Soft Vinyl Volleyball Embrace the game without the pain. Ideal for young learners and volleyball enthusiasts, the Molten Soft Vinyl Volleyball, available at Sports Ball Shop, is your ticket to an enjoyable learning experience. Perfect for use in a wide range of environments, including schools, clubs, beaches, and the comfort of your home garden. Key Benefits: Ultra-soft vinyl exterior for a no sting touch. Designed for prolonged play without discomfort. Latest in design for a premium play experience. Whether you're teaching the basics or enjoying a family game, this volleyball enhances play with its superior design and comfort. Transition into the sport smoothly or simply indulge in recreation with the whole family. Sports Ball Shop has got you covered with the best vinyl volleyball you'll find.


  • Save -9% Buy Molten V5M1800-L School Volleyball Sports Ball Shop

    Molten Molten 4 X V5M1800-L School Volleyballs

    The Molten V5M1800-L School volleyball is designed for use in schools and clubs, for junior players. The lightweight aspect of the ball is great for training and player development. This pack contains 4 V5M1800-L volleyballs. The Volleyball is the same size as a standard volleyball and weighs between 230g and 250g.  The soft feel synthetic leather outer make this the perfect choice for junior volleyball. The Molten V5M1800 also boasts a high quality latex bladder, ensuring maintenance is kept to a minimum.


  • Save -24% Molten V5M1800-L Junior Match Volleyball at Sports Ball Shop

    Molten Molten V5M1800-L Junior Match Volleyball

    Discover the Molten V5M1800-L Junior Match Volleyball, tailored for young athletes. Engineered for enhanced play in schools and clubs, this volleyball boasts a lightweight design and the iconic Molten swirl. Official size yet lightweight, ideal for junior players. 230g to 250g weight range supports skill advancement. Synthetic leather cover and machine-stitched for durability. High quality latex bladder promises consistent performance. Dynamic 18-panel design for superior grip and control. Invest in the Molten Junior Volleyball for your young champions' training and enjoy the blend of quality and innovative style — available now at Sports Ball Shop.


  • Save -13%Low stock! Molten Volleyball Club Ball Pack 1

    Molten Molten Volleyball Club Ball Pack 1

    Quality meets value with the Molten Volleyball Club Ball Pack 1 from Sports Ball Shop. Discover exceptional Molten volleyballs tailored for schools, clubs, and coaches seeking superb training balls at bulk prices. Unveil the premier selection: 6 x Molten V5M4000 training volleyballs at a significantly reduced rate. Confidently kickstart your club's success with this exquisite pack. Content includes: 6 x premium Molten V5M4000 training volleyballs. Feedback from numerous coaches and local clubs deems this as the ideal starter pack. Should you require a different bundle, explore pack 2 or reach out to us for a customized pack that suits your club's unique needs.


  • Save -15%Low stock! Molten Volleyball Club Pack 3

    Molten Molten Volleyball Club Pack 3

    This pack is one of our most popular multi ball packages. We have selected two of the best volleyballs available from Molten to give any club or coach the best ball pack around. This pack comes with 4 x training balls, 1 x match ball and a quality ball bag, that is capable of holding up to 5 fully inflated volleyballs. Pack includes:- 4 x Molten V5M4000 training volleyballs. 1 x Molten V5M5000 match volleyball. 1 x Lusum 5 Ball Tubular ball bag Many of the coaches we work with, have said this is the best value Molten Volleyball Club Pack available.


  • Save -12% Molten V5M4000 Volleyball

    Molten Molten V5M4000 Volleyball

    This specially crafted Molten volleyball draws inspiration from the renowned Flistatec V5M5000, offering similar features and leveraging Flistatec technology at a more affordable price point, making it ideal for clubs and schools. Many clubs opt for this volleyball for training sessions, reserving premium balls for official matches. However, the Molten V5M4000 proves fully capable for competitive play. Replacement to the V5M3500With its striking colour scheme of green, white, and red, this volleyball ensures easy visibility during games and adheres to official size 5 standards. Its eye-catching design is matched by a robust polyurethane leather surface, guaranteeing longevity.Available at an exceptional value, the Molten V5M4000 Volleyball maintains official size and weight specifications, featuring a waterproof and durable exterior suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Equipped with an advanced nylon wound, dual-layer laminated butyl bladder, it enhances ball control and sustains optimal shape retention.


  • Save -12% Buy Molten V5T-R6 Schools Volleyball | Sports Ball Shop

    Molten Molten V5T-R6 Schools Volleyball

    The Molten V5T-R6 Schools Volleyball is ideal for use in schools and when coaching intense skill sessions. The outer layer is constructed with a soft touch synthetic leather making it easier to use for longer periods of training. The V5T-R6 is machine stitched and has a durable latex bladder. The ball is perfect as a school or club training volleyball, making it a top choice for coaches and sports educators.


Volleyball Balls

Volleyball is a popular sport all over the world, played by millions of people each year on beaches, in parks and even indoors. It is played at an international level, as well as domestic levels in various different countries.

Our range of balls are designed to cater for people at all levels of the game, whether you're playing internationally or simply fancy a game at the beach.

It is thought that William G Morgan, a PE instructor, created the game in 1895. The game had similarities to a combination of handball and tennis. At first the game was known as Mintonette but, in 1896 it was renamed as volleyball, due the large amount of volleying involved in the game.

This game is an energetic team sport, which is played by men, women, youth and mixed teams. Each team has 6 players on the court, during play. The idea of the game is to score as more points than the opposition. The server starts play by serving the ball over the net and into the other teams half of the court. He serves by tossing the ball up and hitting it with the palm, wrist or lower arm, over the net. The receiving team must not let the ball bounce into their court.

Each team can only touch the ball a maximum of 3 times, before the ball must be played back to the other team's court. The first touch is generally an attempt to stop the ball from touching the floor in your court, the second touch can be to set up the attack and the third touch is usually a smash or a hit to the other team's court. Play continues until one team reaches 25 points and is at least 2 points ahead. Major games are usually played over five sets and the final set would only be played to 15 points.

Volleyball has been an Olympic sport since 1924 and now has two forms of the game held at the pinnacle of sport, the other version is beach volleyball.

Volleyball has its own terms for some of the hits such as, Serve, Set, Pass, Spike, Block and Dig. A variation of the game is played in Brazil, called Footvolley, in which teams cannot use hands and arm but, can use any other part of the body.

Molten Volleyballs

Molten balls are designed to offer customers performance, value for money and innovative design, making them the ideal ball for any player.

Molten believe the game only becomes real, when athletes reach their full potential and are able to push their performance to the limit. They subsequently produce balls that allows the player to fully realize their potential.

Molten are well-known for establishing a wide range of new advanced technologies, across a wide range of sports.

Our biggest selling Molten ball is the V5M3500 and is a replica of the V5M5000 which is used by British Colleges Sport (BCS), British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) and also for the London Youth Games 2010 - 2013.

All balls available in size 5.

Mikasa Volleyballs

Mikasa first started the manufacture of balls in 1917 and now have a proud tradition and over 90 years experience. They are well known for producing high quality, long lasting balls, for both versions of the game - indoor and beach.

Mikasa manufacture a huge range of balls, with the intention of meeting the demands of customers of all experience levels. Mikasa balls are produced to the highest quality and are well known for their value for money. There is a ball to suit all reguirements from training to match situations. The best selling beach volleyball is the VLS300 and the best selling Mikasa indoor ball is the MVA200, both balls are approved by the FIVB and are used at the Olympics. They also make all balls used by the Federation Internationale De Volleyball (FIVB).

Browse through our range of Mikasa balls now to find the ideal ball for you.

All balls available in size 5.

Baden Volleyballs

Baden are a relatively young company, in the world of Volleyball manufacturing. They first started producing balls in 1979, as they felt there was a need for higher quality balls. They proudly focus on designing and producing a broad range of sports balls.

Baden balls are highly regarded and are officially recognised and approved by the (USVBA) in the United States.

Baden balls offer outstanding performance, quality and design, whilst also offering durability and long-term reliability. The balls within Baden's range are designed to cater for players of any level, along with matches and training.

All balls available in size 5.


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