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  • Save -25% Bee-Ball Optimum Full Size Basketball Hoop

    Bee-Ball Optimum Full Size Basketball Hoop

    Get ready to play like a pro with the Bee-Ball Optimum Basketball Hoop and Stand, the top-of-the-line basketball system in the Bee-Ball range and possibly the entire UK market. With its high-quality construction and impressive design, this basketball stand is a must-have for serious players of any skill level. Crafted from the strongest and most durable polycarbonate material, the Optimum's backboard is set in a sleek black and white frame, giving it a classic and stylish look. The height of the net can be easily adjusted to suit your preferences, making it perfect for players of all sizes and abilities. When you receive your Optimum basketball hoop, you'll immediately notice its sturdiness and durability. The heavy-duty base and frame, along with the unique square tubing, provide unmatched stability and support during even the most competitive games. The Optimum stand also features a breakaway hoop, which helps to absorb shock and protect the backboard from undue force. Plus, the base can be filled with either sand or water to provide additional weight and stability, making it the ideal addition to your home court.


  • Save -16% Bee-Ball Pro Bound Adjustable Full-Size Basketball Hoop

    Bee-Ball Pro Bound Adjustable Full-Size Basketball Hoop

    Introducing the Bee Ball Pro Bound basketball stand, the perfect practice companion for budding ballers and seasoned shooters alike! With its large rectangular professional-style backboard measuring 110cm x 70cm, this stand offers a finely tuned rebound thanks to its high-density polyethylene construction, making it ideal for nailing those tricky shots. Designed with both stability and durability in mind, the stand features a 70mm diameter pole system that extends to a solid 16mm thick, 45cm diameter ring, all anchored by a substantial base that can be filled with sand to keep it firmly upright during gameplay. Adjustable between 2.45m and 3.05m, you can easily set the height to suit players of all ages and skill levels. And when it's time to switch up your practice location, the stand's front base wheels make it a breeze to move around your yard or store away when not in use.


  • Save -9% Bee-Ball BB-05 Adjustable Basketball Hoop and Stand

    Bee-Ball BB-05 Adjustable Basketball Hoop and Stand

    Experience professional-level basketball practice with the Bee Ball BB-05 Basketball Hoop and Stand. Featuring a large 80cm x 58cm rectangular backboard, this kit allows for superior shooting practice compared to curved backboards. With an adjustable height of 1.6m to 2.1m, the stand can accommodate children of different ages and heights, ensuring that it can be used for years to come. This hoop and stand is built to last, with a durable 16mm thick hoop that measures 38cm in width. The upgraded UV resistant backboard is designed to withstand all weather conditions, making it perfect for year-round use. Stability is a top priority, and the large base can be weighed down to ensure that the stand remains upright during intense play. If you need to move the stand to a different spot in your garden, the front wheels make it easy to do so. Get your game on with the Bee Ball BB-05 Basketball Hoop and Stand.


  • Save -9% Bee-Ball's Full-Size Basketball Hoop Ultimate Stand

    Bee-Ball's Full-Size Basketball Hoop - The Ultimate Choice

    Experience the ultimate in basketball with this premium basketball hoop designed to provide you with the best possible playing experience. Boasting a generously sized 110cm by 75cm backboard, this hoop provides a large target area to help you perfect your shooting skills. The adjustable height feature accommodates children and teenagers of various ages, allowing you to adjust the height between 2.45m and 3.05m using a simple and easy-to-use windy handle mechanism. The crane-like mechanism and steel structure, combined with the base that can be weighted with water or sand, ensures maximum stability during play. Plus, with the handy wheels located at the front of the base, you can easily move the basketball hoop from one location to another for convenient portability.


  • Save -21% Bee-Ball Pro Impact High-Quality Basketball Hoop & Stand

    Bee-Ball Pro Impact High-Quality Basketball Hoop & Stand

    The Bee Ball Pro Impact Basketball Hoop is a top-notch basketball system that boasts durability and quality. It is specifically designed to facilitate the growth and development of young basketball players. The hoop's adjustable height of 1.65m to 2.6m makes it perfect for older children who have outgrown junior stands but are still not tall enough for a full-sized adult unit. This basketball hoop is not only impressive but also easy to assemble. It comes with a sturdy and attractive backboard, a reinforced base that can be filled with either sand or water for added stability, and a 38cm ring that can accommodate an official size basketball. Bee-Ball is a well-known brand that produces high-quality basketball equipment at an affordable price, and this basketball hoop is no exception. Get ready to elevate your basketball game with the Bee Ball Pro Impact Basketball Hoop.



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