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    Fitness Mad Fitness Mad Slam Ball

    Take your workout to the next level with a Fitness Mad Slam Ball. If you have never tried a Slam Ball you will find them extremely versatile. They are used for HIIT sessions, Boot Camp, Circuits, CrossFit, or as part of your daily exercise plan. Slam Balls are proven to provide full body conditioning and helps to strengthen the core, increase flexibility as well as co-ordination. Why should you use a Slam Ball though as part of your exercise routine? It is true they are very similar to a medicine ball however they are designed to have less bounce. They can be thrown to the ground, with maximum force without the fear of them bouncing away from you. This means the Slam Ball can be used in a wider range of cardio and strength building exercises Available in 6kg, 8kg or 10kg weight 28cm diameter PVC with sand filling Colour - Black There are a wide range of movements and exercises that can be adapted when using the slam ball. The most popular is the OVERHEAD SLAM. The slam ball is perfect for building muscle endurance, cardio and explosive power. They are often found at Professional Cricket venues and used as part of the warm up routine for fast bowlers Overhead Power Slam - This exercise is where you lift the ball above your head and throw it to the ground in front of you. You must use 2 hands when attempting this exercise. This is great for new users and can be from a standing or kneeling position. Rainbow Slam - This is a variation to the overhead power slam but you throw the ball to the side rather than in front of you. The twisting motion really helps with building up your core strength. Other exercises include Russian Twists, Front Raises, Curtsy Squats and Woodchoppers, the list is endless to be honest. Please note: Slam balls must be thrown against an appropriate gym floor i.e. rubber or EVA. Products thrown against concrete, tarmac, hard or rough surfaces will not be covered in the event of damage.

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