Caring For Your Cricket Ball

There isn't a huge amount you can do extend the life of a cricket ball. Once used in a match, it is forever destined to be used in training games or for net sessions. Some good quality cricket balls are retained to be used as spares, in case of lost balls.

Prior to use you should store the balls in a cool dark place. Try not to expose the ball to extreme temperatures, as this can sometimes crack the leather. Good quality balls are hand finished and are either wrapped in tissue or are placed in blister packs. Try to keep the balls in the original packaging until it is time to use them. Some balls come in blister packs and some like the Incrediball cricket balls come individually boxed.

During a match, the life of a ball depends on the quality of ball used and the standard of cricket to be played. Fielders and bowlers can ensure they get maximum benefit from having a new ball and if enough effort is applied to the cricket ball, a decent amount of swing.

Tips for ball care during play
1. Ensure fielders throw the ball to hand and do not roll or bounce the ball back to the bowler.
2. Try to keep the seam free from a build up of mud and grit. Don't get carried away and start picking at the seam, as this is against the spirit of cricket.
3. Find out from the strike bowlers or captain, which side you are shining. To achieve a chance of swing, one side of the ball, needs to be shinier than the other. So ensure all fielders are shining the same side of the ball. If using a Readers cricket ball, maybe shine the side with the horse on it.
4. Keep the ball dry.
5. Obviously, try to ensure batsmen don't get to hit the ball too often. It does less damage to the ball when hitting the stumps, than hitting a bat.

Do not use a cricket ball on concrete and try to avoid wet conditions. If you have to play in wet conditions, we recommend using a cheap ball, as it is painful to see a £20 Kookaburra cricket ball destroyed by the elements. Somehow it isn't so bad when using a £6 ball.

If you want to find out more about buying cricket balls, check out our Cricket Ball Buying Guide or go to the Cricket balls page.

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