Inflating Sports Balls

To get the most out of your ball, you should adhere to the manufacturers guidelines, when inflating your ball. Alway inflate to the PSI stated on the ball, this information is usually written near the valve and would say something like "INFLATE TO 8 - 10 PSI". Each sport will have a different psi and one ball produced for football in 3 sizes may have a different psi for each ball. Governing bodies generally have guidelines to a maximum and minimum psi and as stated these are printed on each ball.

Before inflating you will need to manipulate your ball to ensure the bladder is not stuck to the inside lining of the ball. This can happen when the ball has been stored for a period of time. Lubricate the ball needle adaptor with Glycerine (or olive oil as a last resort), then attach to a ball pump to inflate the ball. Do not over inflate, as this can weaken the stitching on the ball or in worst case scenarios, burst the bladder. DO NOT use spit or water to lubricate the needle as this is abrasive and rubber repels water so, the needle will not become lubricated and can often cause damage to the bladder or valve.

To inflate the ball to the correct pressure it is recomended you use a ball pressure gauge. If you do over inflate the ball, the gauge has an air release valve which allows you to bring the ball pressure down to the required psi.

Other ways to measure the pressure of the ball is with PSI, BAR and hPa. In all cases follow these rules

1, Loosen or manipulate the ball before inflating
2, Check PSI required by reading measurement on the ball to be inflated
3, Affix ball needle adaptor to the ball pump
4, Moisten needle before inserting into the ball valve
5, Inflate ball to required PSI
6, Check the PSI by using a pressure guage reader and reduce or increase pressure as required


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