Squash Ball Buying Guide

Ball buying guide for Squash.

The majority of squash balls sold in the UK come from 2 manufacturers - Dunlop and Unsquashable. Each has a range of balls suitable for use from junior starters through to the elite game. The difference in the type of squash ball to be used is down to the speed of play and the bounce required. The larger the ball the greater the bounce, which allows players more time to be able to play their shots. This is ideal for begginers or players that are looking to develop their squash skills.

Dunlop is the largest squash ball brand in the world and is by far the biggest selling ball in the UK. The following balls are in the Dunlop range.

The Dunlop Pro Squash Ball is designed for use at the top end of the sport. Used by elite and good club players, the Pro ball has 2 yellow dots. The ball has the lowest bounce and measures 40mm in diameter.

The next level of ball is called the Dunlop Competition Squash Ball. The Competition ball has one yellow dot and gives a slightly higher bounce, allowing up to 10% more hang time to play your shot. The ball measures the same as the Pro ball at 40mm. This ball is designed for regular club players.

Next up is the Dunlop Progress Squash Ball. The Progress squash ball is 6% larger, measures 42.5mm in diameter and has one red dot on it. This ball has a 20% longer hang time and is designed for improving and recreational players.

Finally in the standard Dunlop range we have the Dunlop Max Squash Ball which has now been rebranded to be know as the Dunlop Intro ball. This is perfect for adult beginners, it has one blue dot and measures 45mm. Compared to the Dunlop Pro ball this has 40% more hang time.

Dunlop also produce 2 squash balls for the junior game and these are as follows:-
The Dunlop Fun Mini Squash ball is designed for players up to the age of 7 years and measures 60mm in diameter. This has the highest bounce of all Dunlop squash balls and is part of the Stage 1 Mini Squash Development Programme.

The Dunlop Play Mini Squash ball is part of the Stage 2 Mini Squash Development Programme and measures 47mm in diameter. The ball is designed for players from ages 7 to 10 years, after this they would move on to the Dunlop Intro ball.

The other leading brand in the UK is Unsquashable which is produced by T Price in the UK. There are 3 main balls which make up the Unsquashable range for the junior programme.
The Unsquashable Mini Fundation Squash ball is the largest and is part of the Stage 1 squash development programme. This ball is 60mm in diameter and is very similar to the Dunlop Fun ball, except it is split into two colours red and yellow. This is designed to enable the player to see spin and movement of the ball through the air.

The Unsquashable Mini Improver Squash ball is similar to the Dunlop Play ball and is also designed as part of the stage 2 squash development programme. The ball measures approximately 48mm and has split colour way of orange and yellow.

Finally the Unsquashable Mini Pro Squash ball is a ball designed for junior players that have progressed and are now playing matches. The ball is split coloured into yellow and green to show flight through the air. The ball measures approximately 44mm.

The following might help when determining which ball you should be using

Dot Colour Speed of Play Potential Bounce Player Levels Type of Ball
Double Yellow Extra Super Slow Lowest bounce Experienced/ Elite Dunlop Pro
Single Yellow Super Slow Low Club Player Dunlop Competition
Red Slow Low Club Player/Recreational Dunlop Progress
Blue Fast High Beginner Dunlop Intro (Max)


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