What Size Cricket Ball Should I Buy?

When making a cricket ball purchase it can be confusing to know which size to buy. Do you need 4 3/4, 5 or 5 1/2oz balls? What about the weights in grams? Do you need youth, women's or men's size?

What if the player is about to go up from youth cricket to adult cricket, what size is used then? Who knew there were so many questions?

If you want advice on what size cricket ball you should be using please see our video below. If you found it useful please hit the subscribe button or leave a comment.

If you have any further questions regards cricket ball sizes please leave in the comments box under the video on YouTube and I will respond. As a postnote to this video the sizes are the suggested weights for each ball. There is an 11g tolerance within the range though. So, a youth ball can weigh anything between 133g to 144g. A women's ball must weigh between 140g to 151g and a full sized ball is between 154g to 165g.


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