Bruce Out, O'Neill In......Who's Next?

Bruce Out, O'Neill In......Who's Next?

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We predicted that the first managerial casualty of the Premiership would be in November and so it proved, although it did go down tot he last day of the month. Steve Bruce fell on his sword as the fans and board decided enough was enough. The final nail being the defeat at home to Wigan. Was that enough to get him the sack? 2 wins would have seen Sunderland in the top half again, such is the state of the Premiership, this season. We believe there were two other reasons that made this decision easier for the Black Cats board-
  1. Local rivals Newcastle, were still in the top four and having had an amazing start to the season. They didn't spend as much as Sunderland in the summer transfer window, yet their early season results were exceptional. We wonder if they can maintain that form and remain above Sunderland come the end of the season.
  2. There were two high quality managers still looking for a job. Mark Hughes and Martin O'Neill had been without a job for a while and were actively looking at getting back into the role. Other clubs are close to dismissing their managers too, which would add a few more names to the 'managers available' pile. These men though, will have had their pride dented and their managerial stock devalued by an apparent failure to lift the fortunes of their previous club. These now manager-less clubs would then be keen to speak with Hughes and O'Neill so, Sunderland bit the bullet and secured their man, before the pre-Christmas rush of managerial casualties.
So who's next to go? Many a boardroom is privy, at this time of year to secret meetings to decide the fate of the fallen hero. These rooms witness talks of who will take over and even conversations with the next inline. Remember Manchester City when Mark Hughes was replaced by Mancini, meetings were going on while the team was playing with Hughes sacked just after the final whistle. Watch out Martinez, Coyle, McCarthy but most of all watch your back Steve Kean. Football is a funny old game but, you wouldn't want to be a manager.


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