Mitzi Testing The New Big Game Hunters Dog Tennis Balls

Dog Tennis Balls That Last Forever!

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Is There Such A Thing As A Durable Tennis Ball For Dogs?

Not all dogs are the same, as they all have different characteristics. Some are placid, some aggressive and some chew everything in sight. It's the heavy chewers that can drive their owners mad. Aggressive chewers target everything in sight so how can you address this behaviour? Could durable dog tennis balls help?

Most owners have tried to find a ball or dog chew that is everlasting. In our experience most dog toys claim to be but, ultimately fail within a few minutes or hours. However, we have now launched an amazing dog tennis ball that is virtually indestructible. The Big Game Hunters Dog Tennis Ball.

Durable Dog Balls
Probably The Strongest Dog Balls Around
Why Do Dogs Destroy Tennis Balls?

Why is it some dogs seem to be intent on destroying the tennis ball as soon as they have it in their mouths? Well it could be a number of reasons, anxiety, boredom or just the habit of chewing. Puppies during the teething process need to chew on things, it's possible your puppy had tennis balls at the time. They probably found them a good thing to chew on, as they have a bit of give and a softer textured outer. As grown adult dogs Chewing on a ball can be quite calming and settling for them, except now they have adult teeth. Their stronger jaw can be quite destructive and in most cases they do not intend to destroy the ball. However it probably happens accidentally and then the game ensues of pulling it apart!

Are Dog Toys With Squeakers better For Dogs?

Now all breeds differ and some dogs in my opinion are just naturally more destructive than others. When given a new toy, our old Labrador Ebony, would be very excited and in turn rip it apart. For example if we gave her a stuffed toy with a squeaker, she would not rest until she had disembowelled said toy and removed the squeaker! So in my opinion squeakers give a dog a reason to chew more.

Again with tennis balls she would start by removing the outer material and then proceed to chew it until it was in pieces across the garden. Some might think perhaps she was bored...but she was very rarely left at home and used to come to work with us every day, so had a very active life.

Mitzi tries one of the new
Big Game Hunters Dog Tennis Balls

Now our current dog, an English Springer spaniel, could not be more different. She still has toys from when she was a puppy (now 9 years old). She loves her stuffed toys and simply likes to nibble them on the ears or legs - bit weird! Tennis balls are her absolute favourite though. Tennis balls that had been previously lost by other dogs are quite often found by Mitzi. She just goes mad when you get a tennis ball out for her to play with. She loves to play fetch with us or even with herself!

It takes a long time for Mitzi to destroy a tennis ball. She is particularly gentle with them, although the softer squeaky versions do not seem to take long for her to wreck – which is sometimes a blessing as they are very annoying!

This Is The Best Dog Tennis Ball Ever.

The Big Game Hunters dog tennis balls are probably the best on the market. They are virtually indestructible, which is amazing for dog owners. During manufacture we decided to send them away for testing on chemicals, so your dogs are safe. We also used some of the most destructive dogs we knew before we could make this bold statement. They have proven to be seriously strong balls already. In fact, one of the balls even got run over by a fork lift truck and survived.

Archie and Mitzi
Big Game Hunters Dog Tennis Balls Reviewed

This was a review left on one of our sales platforms and is a glowing endorsement from a happy customer.

I have a Doberman that must have destroyed over 100 tennis balls/dog balls - he loved balls but is hell bent on destroying them. I’d given up buying them as even Kong balls could be pulled apart in a matter of minutes. Then I found these - they had no review at the time so I risked it. The Doberman has met his ball match. We've had them 3 months and he is still on ball one - unheard of! Plus they bounce really well - I can not recommend enough! Finally I’ve found a ball that won’t end up in bits after 10 seconds! The Doberman isn’t happy about them but, I am!


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