England football and the new Jabulani World Cup ball.

England football and the new Jabulani World Cup ball.

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Englands preparations for the World Cup appear to be going well. But, news leaking out suggests the England players are having trouble controlling the new, Jabulani ball.
While away at their training camp, in Austria, they have been trying to get used to the lightweight ball. The Thin altitude seems to be making the flight of the ball erratic, causing problems for outfield players and goalkeepers.

Players have been heard complaining about the amount the ball deviates through the air and some have said it is hard to control.

England were unable to use the Jabulani ball, for the Friendly against Mexico, on Monday evening, due to contractual obligations to Umbro. They will, be able to use the Jabulani ball for their final warm up game, against Japan, this coming Sunday.
England have to use the Umbro ball for all home internationals.

Lets hope they can get rid of their negative thoughts that surround this ball.

What about our german friends? Well they have been using the Jabulani ball all season in the German Bundesliga. They have not had as many problems as other countries, with the ball. As the altitude is different and they have had a whole season to get used the flight.

Have you heard what other nations are saying about the ball? Let me know.


It would appear that all of the goalkeeping mistakes are now down to the ball and not poor judgement on the goalkeepers part. I think it is too easy to blame the ball, come on guys if you make a mistake blame yourself and not your tools.

The Adidas group have announced they expect to sell in the region of 13million Jabulani balls. Not a bad effort for a ball that appears so unpopular.


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