Fair weather sportsman.

Fair weather sportsman.

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I enjoy the sunshine. There is no better time of year, when the sun is shining and you can feel the warmth on your back. No need for layers and thick woolen garments, gloves and hats. Playing Cricket, on the whole, should mean you have warm conditions to play in. So how would i fair when it is cold dark and windy, during the Winter Hockey season? I must admit, up until this week i have been lucky with the conditions. Warm most weeks and dry every week, have lulled me into a false sense of security. The weather had to change and last night it did. Although dry, the astro turf pitch was frozen, as temperatures dropped to minus 2. It felt like the vapour coming from my mouth was freezing too. How can you enjoy playing in these conditions, when you have 2 layers on your legs and 5 layers on your upper body. You feel like the Michelen man running around the pitch. However, it was enjoyable and there was very little standing around so, we actually played more Hockey than usual. I am sure worse conditions are around the corner but for now it's not so bad. The Hockey balls suffered more than me though. We had 10 ball split or disintegrate completely. The quality of ball wasn't the best but, at this rate we will need to have a huge supply to see us through the winter. We are going to spend a bit more on the next time and will be buying either Kookaburra Hockey Balls or Slazenger Hockey Balls. Sometimes, it is worth spending just a few pence more. I was reminded by a colleague, last night, about our first cricket game of the season this year. We waited for the call to cancel the game, as conditions were not suitable for cricket. Wind chill bringing temperatures down to single figures and drizzle being carried in the wind. The call never came and we played the match on a plateau, at the highest point for miles. Very exposed. I have never played in those conditions before but, i was ok as i was keeping wicket. All the extra protection, not only protected me from the cricket ball but, also from the the conditions. It was so bad, at the drinks interval, instead of the usual jug of squash we were brought out a large tea pot and lots of mugs. I have never enjoyed a cup of tea more. I think i would be better off living in warmer climes but, as it is, i'm off to buy some gloves and a woolly hat.


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