Gutierrez and His Spiderman Mask

Gutierrez and His Spiderman Mask

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We have seen many players score a goal, then pull up their match shirt to reveal a hidden message on their T-shirt below. We have often thought of the many times the t-shirt was worn without being revealed. Even with the best strikers in the premiership with goal ratios of 1 goal for every 2 games, some must go weeks before they are able to reveal their message. For some that is probably good news as a booking usually follows. But what about Jonas Guttierrez?

Guttierrez made a pack many years ago, whilst in Spain. He was at the cinema when he was approached by a young boy, who asked him to score a goal for him. Gutierrez promised him he would and also added that if he did he would don a superman mask. We can only assume it had a link with the film being viewed, luckily for us it wasn't The Full Monty or such film which would have caused further embarrassment.

So with the deal struck, the following day he succeeded in scoring and pulled on the mask during the goal celebrations. The last time he did this he was booked, so decided he would not celebrate a goal in this way again. Until yesterday. Having scored an injury time winner in The FA Cup, against Blackburn Rovers, he quickly pulled the mask from his shorts and wore it once again as he celebrated his winner. Yes he was booked again but, we aske the question, How long had he had the mask in his shorts for?

He had purchased four or five of the masks originally and claims he does not know where the others are. He even stated he wasn't sure how long the mask had been in these shorts!!!! Do they not get washed by Newcastle staff? Surely they would not have a concealled pocket inside? Do not expect him to celbrate in this way again, as although Alan Pardew will forgive this time, if the Argentian makes a habit of scoring he could very quickly rack up a costly suspension.


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