Know your WA from your GK - Netball Positions Explained

Know your WA from your GK - Netball Positions Explained

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A who’s-who of the netball court and what position would suit you.

Getting netball positions explained away from the netball court sometimes leads to head scratching. However, each team will wear different coloured bibs showing their position on the front and back. The teams then take the positions on the court ready for play. So, that does make it easier

The netball court is made up of three sections, these are called thirds. With this in mind you have to pass the ball within each third. You are not allowed to throw the ball from the first third to the last it must have been received in the centre third.

How Many Players Play In Netball And What Are The Netball Positions Called?

There are 7 different playing positions and these positions also have restrictions on where they are allowed to go on the court. The netball positions are as follows

  • GK - Goal Keeper
  • GS - Goal Shooter
  • GA - Goal Attack
  • GD - Goal Defence
  • WA - Wing Attack
  • WD - Wing Defence
  • C - Centre

The start of a game begins with players lining up like this on the court.

What Does A Netball Goal Keeper Do?

Goal Keeper – GK
The Goalkeeper is restricted to the opposition goal third and the circle. Therefore they defend the goal from the shooter and look to collect any rebounds.

What Does A Netball Goal Shooter Do?

Goal Shooter – GS
As Goal Shooter your main job is to score the goals. So it is vital to ensure your getting into position under the post to ensure the best scoring opportunity. Chiefly the Shooter is only permitted in the goal third and circle.

England Vitality Match Netball
What Does A Netball Goal Attacker Do?

Goal Attack – GA
The Goal Attack shares the scoring role with the shooter but is also a key player when it comes to the centre pass. A Goal Attack needs to be ready break forward from the goal third line to try and receive the centre pass. The Goal attack is permitted in the middle third, goal third and also the goal circle so they are also able to shoot.

What Does A Netball Goal Defender Do?

Goal Defence – GD
At Goal Defence the permitted areas are the opposition’s goal third, including the circle and the centre third. The main job for the Goal Defence is to try and stop the ball from reaching the opposition Shooter or Goal Attack.

What Does A Netball Wing Attack Do?

Wing Attack – WA
As Wing Attack the main role is to be the key player in getting the ball to the Goal Shooter and Goal Attack. The aim is to move the ball through the centre third, and into the hands of the shooters. The Wing Attack is only allowed in the centre third and opposition goal area but is not permitted into the opposition circle.

What Does A Netball Wing Defender Do?

Wing Defence – WD
As the name suggests the Wing Defence main role is to defend, trying to stop the ball from reaching the goal circle. Obviously in an interception they will leap in to attacking mode and feed their players the ball. Wing Defence is allowed in their goal third, but not the circle and also the centre third.

What Does A Netball Centre Do?

Centre - C
The Centre starts the game, and again from any restart. They must have one foot in the centre circle when taking the centre pass. The Centre is permitted in all thirds of the court but is not allowed in either of the circles. The Centre really dictates the game as they are attack and defence.

Mitre Shooter Match Netball
What Type Of Netball Is Used In Matches?

There are a wide variety of brands and netballs that are suitable for use in netball matches. The 2 biggest brands are Gilbert and Mitre. Gilbert are the supplier to most international teams. If you need help in choosing the best netball for you to use then check out our netball buying guide. There are 2 types of netball - Training and Match and it depends on the level of play, which one is suitable. Meanwhile our sister site Sports Balls Reviewed has reviewed a large number of netballs to help you choose.


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