It's never too late to start a new sport.

It's never too late to start a new sport.

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I have recently stopped as a coach of our under 15's Rugby team and have a lot of spare time on my hands. The Cricket season has finished and coaching for the new Cricket season will not commence until the new year. So, what do i do with the spare time:- gardening, spend more time with the family, practise catching Cricket balls, read more, go out to lunch at every given opportunity OR take up a new sport. As much as i enjoy spending time with my family, i also enjoy the camaraderie of playing sport. I enjoy running and exercise, plus it helps you stay younger. I am the wrong side of 40 so, gardening is an option that should appeal to me, but doesn't. Anyway our garden is quite small and the chickens seem to do a good enough job. My Son started training with the local team last year and played in his first match a few weeks ago. He broke his hand last week, not playing sport, so will be out for a few weeks. This left the 3rd team in need of another player as numbers are tight. This is where i came in. I watched the previous game and was surprised at how easy the game of Hockey looked, i now admit i was wrong. I borrowed a stick and a spare pair of shin guards from my Son and went to my first ever training session, last week. Just my luck, it was mainly fitness work. This was followed by some passing drills and 4 on 3 attacking plays. Now, i had never held a stick before and was pleased that i was able to stop the ball sometimes but, hitting the ball was another problem. It was OK until other players came to take the ball off of me, just how much time i needed, wasn't available. At the end of the session clearly the 3rd team was still short of a couple of players and i was invited to play in my first game. I must admit, on Saturday morning i wished i hadn't said yes. I was nervous and afraid i would make a complete fool of myself. At least we had 12 players so i wouldn't come on until later. Wrong, i was on from the start. I didn't know the basic rules and what was the umpire doing, waving his hands in all directions. Luckily one of our players, kept me up to date with what was going on around me. I think i did OK, i played at right half and ended up chasing a young lad, around the pitch, he was clearly a lot quicker and more able than I. I managed to control the Hockey ball on most occasions and passing got easier as the game progressed. Even though we lost 5 - 3, i enjoyed it. Most of the players spoke to me, after the game too, so i obviously hadn't done too bad for my first effort. So, why should you think of winding down as you get older. Playing sport is a pastime that is suitable for all ages and i have proved i am not ready to hang up the boots, put on the slippers and start smoking a pipe, just yet. It will also help with my training for the Sportsballshop 10K challenge.


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