New Mitre 2018 Football Range Explained

New Mitre 2018 Football Range Explained

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The snow is gone and the 1st signs of Spring are on the horizon. At this time of year we look forward to new ranges and designs, arriving at our Oxfordshire warehouse with excitement. This year is no different but the most eagerly awaited delivery is of the new Mitre 2018 Football range of balls. Most manufacturers update the graphics on their footballs every 2 years, to keep the look fresh and modern. Most retailers spend many ours working on their listings and then the ball changes. This does give the customer a great chance to purchase the older designs at a reduced price though. This year Mitre have gone even further though by completely re-vamping their entire football range, not only the graphics but the texture and composition of each ball too. We have produced this exclusive guide to show how the changes will be effective. If you previously purchased the Mitre Impel training football, this will have new graphics and materials but will still be called the Mitre Impel. This is not the case for the old Mitre Ultimatch, as this will now be known as the Mitre Ultimatch Plus football. To confuse things a little the Mitre Ultimatch will still be available but will be slightly lower in quality to the previous model and will replace the Mitre Delta Match Replica. The training range of balls will be known as the Impel range with Plus and Max being the better quality balls. The match ball range will be known as the Ultimatch range with Plus and Max being the better balls. The Pro match balls will be refereed to as the Delta range and again the Plus and Max being the best balls. Mitre Delta Max EFL Footballs In fact the Mitre Delta Match ball will be used in the EFL once again from August 2018. These are shown above. The New range are available to purchase from 9th March 2018 and look and feel amazing. Click here to see the whole range of Mitre 2018 Footballs


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