Pink Rugby Balls For Better Periphial Vision

Pink Rugby Balls For Better Periphial Vision

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When launching a new product, one consideration must be how do we improve what is already available? It is no use entering a market with a product which is only as good as the current market leader, it must be better to have any impact. So, when Lusum launched their range of rugby balls, it was interesting to see how they could improve on what is currently available. Their mantra is to never sponsor clubs or players, this ensures their balls are often up to 25% cheaper than other brands. We have spoken before that around 25% of the cost of any ball, is usually attributed to the direct cost of sponsorship deals. First off the no sponsorship deals to keep the cost of the balls down, was not enough to take a large share of the market. They also developed a range of high quality balls which compared extremely well in tests, with the other leading brands. Again this only produced balls that were as good as is currently available so, how could they be improved? Lusum took months testing colour combinations with players, coaches and analysts and came up with the striking colour and designs which improved every players periphial vision. This subsequently aided ball handling skills and on field performance. The colour was also used extensively throughout London, during this years Olympics. If you went to any Olympic event, you would have spotted the signs and volunteers, which were made more visible by using the same colour as already in production for the Lusum rugby balls. This was a coincidence but if proof were needed that it aids your awareness then surely this is it.  So for rugby balls that are high quality and around 25% cheaper than leading brands but, even better than, they can improve the ability levels of you game check out Lusum. For a limited time by using this voucher Lusum20OFF-Rugby you can also get a discount of 20% on any Lusum rugby ball purchase.


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