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  • Save -47% 4 Dozen Slazenger Wimbledon Ultra Vis Tennis Balls

    Slazenger 4 Dozen Slazenger Wimbledon Ultra Vis Tennis Balls

    A great deal for the club player, buy the biggest selling tennis balls at bulk buy prices. The top quality, Slazenger Wimbledon Ultra Vis tennis ball, is a premium tennis ball but, at a great price. Using the latest technology, these balls offer an unrivalled level of consistancy, which can only improve your game. If you have a great racket, along with these tennis balls, what more do you need......oh yes, apart from talent. Our coaches insist on using these balls and we also sell them for cricket coaching too. Please note 4 Dozen = 12 tins, containing 4 balls in each.


  • Save -48% 36 Tins x Slazenger Wimbledon Ultra Vis 4 ball tins including Lusum Duffle bag

    Slazenger 36 Tins x Slazenger Wimbledon Ultra Vis 4 ball tins including Lusum Duffle bag

    An ideal pack whether your a club player or just a casual player. The Slazenger Wimbledon Ultra Vis ball is one of the highest rated balls available. Save time and space carrying around a load of tins of balls and use this handy Lusum bag The pack includes: 36 x Tins of 4 Slazenger Wimbledon Ultra Vis Tennis Balls 1 x Lusum ball bag


We have worked closely with coaches of many sports and have realised that they are often looking for a little bit extra, when purchasing balls. Schools too have had their budgets tightened so buying balls isn't always top of their list. We believe players young and old, deserve to train and play with the best, so we have devised some fantastic packages offering the best balls and bags at an even better price.

We offer top brands including Molten, Slazenger, Gilbert, Dunlop, Mitre, Readers, Kookaburra, Mikasa and Grays in packages that coaches and school teachers have said they want. Training balls and match ball coaching packs with a ball bag to help keep the balls in top condition when being stored or in transit.

If you cannot find a package that suits your requirements, please do let us know and we can help you create a coaching pack, that is perfect for you.


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