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  • Save -20% Incrediball Trainer Cricket Ball

    Aero Incrediball Trainer Cricket Ball

    The Incrediball Cricket Ball, is a top Trainer Ball by Aero and is ideal for coaching bowling. With the ball in two colours, with one half red and the other half yellow, it is easier for bowlers to see what is happening to the ball during its flight. Available in both adult and junior sizes.


  • Save -37% GM Bucket of 60 Bowling Machine Balls

    Gunn and Moore GM Bucket of 60 Bowling Machine Balls

    *Please Note This Package Now Includes 2 Bags As The Buckets Previously Supplied Are Currently Discontinued* When Gunn & Moore launched their bowling machine ball in 2015, it proved very popular with coaches and clubs and is now a best-selling training GM Cricket Ball. This dimpled GM Cricket Ball is available in red, yellow, or mixed colours and fits most leading bowling machines, including the Bola machine. This package contains 60 x GM bowling machine balls and 2 Ball Bags. Each bag holds at least 30 balls. This GM Cricket Ball is made in China and weighs 5 oz. Balls are included. Options now include either 60 x Red balls or60 x Yellow balls or30 x Red balls and 30 x Yellow balls


  • Save -29% 24 Pack Readers Supaball - Red/Yellow By Sports Ball Shop

    Readers 24 Pack Readers Supaball - Red/Yellow

    We are never without, at least half a dozen of these Readers Supaballs, whenever we have a training session.  The perfect, soft training cricket ball, to help build up skills in both adult and youth cricket.  Now available in multi-buy packs of 24.  Real stitched seam, giving a genuine feel.Durable PVC outer casing.Realistic bounce and very durable.Adult and Youth sizes available.


  • Save -26%Low stock! AeroBall Incrediballs 24 Pack With a Lusum Bag

    Aero AeroBall Incrediballs 24 Pack With a Lusum Bag

    Originally known as the Easton Incrediball, when Easton withdrew from cricket, these Incrediball Cricket Balls were rebranded as AeroBalls. The quality is the same, and they continue to be the best Incrediball Cricket Balls available. This pack includes 24 Incrediball Cricket Balls, and they are available in a choice of styles and sizes. You can order any of the following:AeroBall Club in red or pink in youth or senior sizes.AeroBall Trainer balls are available in youth or senior sizes and have one half in red and the other in yellow to help bowlers understand the swing and spin dynamics of a cricket ball.AeroBall Match Weight is available in youth or senior sizes and is weighted to replicate a real cricket ball. The outer surface has real stitching and has a PVC cover. The Club and Trainer balls have a soft core, so they can be used in training and coaching sessions. Also suitable for use indoors and outdoors.


  • Save -20% Aero Incrediball Cricket Ball Yellow

    Aero Aero Incrediball Cricket Ball Yellow

    The market-leading training cricket ball was always the Easton Incrediball. Now made by Aero, the Incrediball incrediball Cricket Ball gets a new colour in 2019. This striking yellow ball can be used in poor lighting and is ideal for coaching youth and adult players. The ball has a realistic seam so bowlers can get the real feel of the ball when bowling, but the outer core is made from PVC, so it can be used as an alternative to a real cricket ball. Available in youth and adult sizes.


  • Save -30% GM Bowling Machine Ball (Single)

    GM GM Bowling Machine Ball (Single)

    Gunn & Moore have added a great new bowling machine ball to their range of high-quality cricket balls. These dimpled balls are available in red or yellow and fit most leading bowling machines, including the Bola machine. This GM Cricket Ball doesn't bounce as erratically as a cricket ball, ensuring valuable time can be spent in the nets honing skills and drills. This GM Cricket Ball is made in China and weighs 5oz.


  • Save -29%Low stock! GM Bowling Machine Balls x 24

    Gunn and Moore GM Bowling Machine Balls x 24

    Cricket bowling machine balls used to be a costly addition to the coach's ball bag, but not anymore. These GM cricket bowling machine balls are priced to appeal to all levels. This GM Cricket Ball is suitable for most bowling machines and has recessed dimples for more consistent flight. The balls have a slight soft feel, ensuring better control and less damage to bats while netting. It can also be used for throwdowns. These balls are 5oz. This pack contains 24 balls in 4 packs of 6 balls. We now INCLUDE a GM Cricket Ball Bag to keep the bowling machine balls in during use or storage. The Yellow GM Cricket Ball is also recommended for use in a baseball pitching machine. Now available in packs of Red or Yellow balls.


  • Save -17%Low stock! Kookaburra Indoor Yellow Cricket ball

    Kookaburra Kookaburra Indoor Yellow Cricket ball

    The Indoor Kookaburra Cricket Ball has been specifically designed for the indoor game. It is a hard-wearing and durable cricket ball and has a bright yellow outer skin. The ball weighs 4oz (114g) and is the best indoor cricket ball available. It features a leather outer skin and durable PU centre, which is probably why this is the market leader for match-quality indoor cricket balls.


  • Save -22%Low stock! Kookaburra Indoor Club Cricket Ball

    Kookaburra Kookaburra Indoor Club Cricket Ball

    The Indoor Club Kookaburra Cricket Ball is perfect for use in indoor cricket matches and nets. The ball is adult-sized but weighs 114g. It has a durable leather cover and a PU core. It is constructed using the same methods as a standard Kookaburra Cricket ball and is hand stitched. One of the highest-quality indoor Kookaburra Cricket Ball available.


  • Save -10%Low stock! Readers Reacta Ball

    Readers Readers Reacta Ball

    We love this Readers Reacta Ball as a way of improving our reaction skills. This small Cricket Reaction Ball is a must for all coaches and is suitable for use with adults and youth cricket. It is designed as a reflex training aid and is suitable for most sports coaching. COLOUR MAY VARY FROM IMAGE SHOWN.


  • Save -34% Readers Indoor 4oz Cricket Ball

    Readers Readers Indoor 4oz Cricket Ball

    When playing matches or training games indoors, you should try to use a ball designed for indoor use. This Readers Cricket Ball weighs 4 oz. and has a realistic, engraved seam. Excellent durability and is now available in three colours Red , Yellow and Orange.


  • Save -10% Readers Supaball - Red/Yellow

    Readers Readers Supaball - Red/Yellow

    Every coach should have some of these soft training balls in their kit bag. The Readers Supaball has an excellent bounce and is very durable. It is ideal for coaching or for use with Kwik Cricket games. Real stitched seam.Durable PVC outer cover.Excellent bounce and durability.Available to Adult and Youth.


Cricket Balls

Cricket was first played in the UK by a group of people in Southern England. Cricket is now played across the world on a national, international and intercontinental basis in front of large audiences.

Here at Sports Ball Shop we have created a fantastic range of balls, from the principal manufacturers in the game. All of the balls within our range have been chosen because they offer a combination of quality, popularity and value for money, ensuring that they are able to meet the requirements of all of our customers.

If you require any further information regarding our cricket range you can always phone our team of customer service representatives who will be happy to help you. We also supply cricket training and match balls to local sports teams and offer special tailored packages and rates, to teams looking to buy their balls in bulk.

Readers Cricket Balls

Readers craftmanship is world famous and they have been manufacturing balls for over 200 years. Readers balls are respected for their quality and durability.

Readers, are proud to be the leading manufacturer and supplier of cricket match and training balls, to clubs and schools, in the UK.

There is a Readers ball, for every level of the game giving exceptional value for money. Alfred Reader represent the epitome of cricketing excellence.

Sportsballshop offer an extensive range of match and training balls suitable for juniors, Women and Men.

Lusum Cricket Balls

Lusum have quickly built a reputation for producing quality balls without the big budget price. With many leading brands, 25% of the cost of each ball is directly related to their marketing spend. Lusum do not sponsor players, clubs or competitions which ensures you get the best quality balls, for a great price. All of the Lusum range are named after ranks in the Roman army and Lusum means To Play.

Incrediball Cricket Balls

The Easton Incrediball cricket range is designed to offer fantastic training balls at affordable prices. These high specification soft balls are ideal for training and matches.

Incrediball training balls are the market leader in the UK.

The soft training balls are the same size as the hard ball but are great to build up confidence in young and old players. A fantastic training aid that is popular with quality coaches throughout the world. Over the next 12 months rebranding will see the Easton name change to Aero. The range will then be known as the AeroBall.

Dukes Cricket Balls

Dukes cricket balls are used throughout the world in test match cricket and one day internationals. The quality of design and craftmanship is not forgotten when producing cricket balls for school and club cricketers.

Dukes use the latest technology to develop high quality leather that ensures the balls retain their shape for longer. High quality cricket balls are appreciated by good cricketers and the shape retention ensures these ball last for longer.

Kookaburra Cricket Balls

Kookaburra are a leading provider of high end cricket equipment, with years of experience manufacturing products for all over the world. Kookaburra produce a variety of high quality balls which are often used in major cricketing events globally.

Kookaburra produce balls which have become the biggest selling balls worldwide and with the wealth of experience of kookaburra, you know you are buying quality.

We sell a huge range of Kookaburra cricket training and match balls. Look out for our package deals.

Gunn and Moore Cricket Balls

Gunn & Moore have a proud tradition and have been designing and producing products of high quality, for over 125 years. Their cricket bats are manufactured in their own workshops, in Nottingham. The care and thought in producing these bats was replicated when they designed their range of cricket balls.

The balls we have chosen, are used across the world, by coaches who look to challenge cricketers, both young and old. The unique designs of some of the balls are used to develop international bowlers of tomorrow.

Slazenger Cricket Balls

Slazenger have been producing high quality sports equipment for many years, having developed a presence in a vast array of sports. Slazenger manufacture balls of the highest quality, selling thousands each year to cricketers all over the world.

Founded in 1881, Slazenger are very popular with club cricketers, International cricketers and many in between.

Slazenger produce balls at various price points, ensuring you are sure to find a match or training ball to suit your game and budget.

Reasons Why a 4 Piece Cricket Ball is Better Than a 2 Piece ball?

What is the difference between a 2 piece and a 4 piece cricket ball? A cricket ball is manufactured using various grades of leather, depending on the quality of ball. The ball is constructed using a 4 piece or 2 piece method and then stitched together to create a seam.

The best balls and in fact, all of the hard leather cricket balls we offer, are constructed using the 4 piece method. A 2 piece ball will have 2 sections of leather hide which is then shaped around the inner materials and then stitched to create a ball. The leather has to be stretched more than a 4 piece ball and so could have areas within the leather which is thinner. This creates an imbalance and can make the ball less reliable through the air.

A 4 piece ball has it's hide cut into 4 quarters and pairs are then sewn together. The 2nd pair is rotated 90 degrees and then they are stitched together. The hide has less stretching to enable it to form the ball shape, making the thickness of the leather more consistent throughout the ball. This makes the ball more reliable and the bowler is then more likely to be able to control the swing and movement through the air.

2 piece balls are often used in net practice and for fielding drills. 4 piece balls are used at most cricket clubs and schools as the ball is a higher quality and likely to last longer too.


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