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  • Samba Match Football Goal 8 x 4 By Sports Ball Shop

    Samba Samba Match Football Goal 8 x 4

    The 8' x 4' Samba Match Football Goal is ideal for use at home in the garden and for use at club and school fooball. The goal is easy to construct and is robust enough to be used at club level. With uPVC corners and 68mm diameter tubing, all parts have 100% locking components to ensure the frame stays together when moved.This goal comes with a 8' x 4' football goal, locking system, football net, net clips and ground anchors. It is designed to be free standing and maintenance free. No tools are required for constructing this goal.  As with all Samba Match goals the features of quality are there to be seen  Extended run-back, roof to the net and ground anchor positions clearly marked on the tubing.Use on any surface.Compact enough to fit in an average size family car.High impact uPVC.Fully portable and virtually maintenance free.  This size soccer goal is the official size goal for 5-a-side an 4 v 4 matches.  The Samba 8 x 4 goal measures 8' wide x 4' high and has a depth of 3' 4" (244cm x 120cm x 102cm)  Weighs 10kg - Made in the UK


  • Samba 12 x 6 Fun Football Goal Samba Football Goals Sports Ball Shop

    Samba Samba 12 x 6 Fun Football Goal

    Durable Samba 12 x 6 Fun Football Goal for Your Garden Bring the excitement of football to your backyard with the Samba 12 x 6 Fun Football Goal, specially designed for homes with spacious gardens. This premium football goal guarantees an engaging time for aspiring athletes and family fun. Key Features: Made in the UK with high-quality standards Constructed from robust 68mm diameter uPVC tubing Effortless to set up and durable against potent shots Complete set: Includes goal frame, net, net clips, and ground anchors All-season resilience - withstands any weather condition The Samba 12 x 6 Fun Football Goal stands at an imposing 12 feet wide and 7 feet high, with a pronounced depth of 4 feet 2 inches, making it a formidable addition to your garden. The ease of assembly and the assurance of leaving it out throughout the year, regardless of weather, highlight its exceptional utility and convenience. Please note: As the goal is intended for permanent installation in your garden, a carry bag is not included in this package. Elevate your game and garden aesthetic with the Samba 12 x 6 Fun Football Goal.


  • Save -9% Samba 12' x 6' Trainer Football Goal | Sports Ball Shop

    Samba Samba 12' x 6' Trainer Football Goal

    This goal is fully portable, free standing and can be used on any surface. The goal packs away so it will fit in to an average size family car (please note this goal does not come with a bag). Made from high impact UPVC it is also light and easy to assemble.The Samba 12' x 6' Trainer Football Goal includes: Net Net Clips Ground Anchors Goal features: Light and easy to assemble Locking frame system 12' wide x 6' high 4' wide x 2" deep Goal weight 16kg Please note delivery on this goal is 1-2 working days


  • Save -23% Samba Rugby Football Post Samba Football Goals Sports Ball Shop

    Samba Samba Rugby Football Post

    Score Big with the Samba Rugby Football Post Designed for dual-sport action, our Samba Rugby Football Post fulfills your football and rugby aspirations. Measuring a generous 12' x 6' for football, and extending to 14' rugby posts. Comes with everything you need to get started: Net for immediate play Net Clips to secure positioning Ground Anchors for stability Carry Bag for effortless transport Key Features: Easily assembled lightweight frame Secure locking frame system Standard 12' width x 6' height for football 14' high rugby uprights Convenient dimensions: 4' wide x 2" deep Total goal weight: 25kg Order today, and enjoy fast 1-2 working days delivery.


  • Save -11% Samba Match Football Goal 5 x 4 Samba Football Goals Sports Ball Shop

    Samba Samba Match Football Goal 5 x 4

    Experience Home Soccer Like Never Before with the Samba Match Football Goal 5 x 4 Perfect your game in the comfort of your own garden with Samba Match's heavy-duty 5 x 4 football goal. Renowned as one of the top choices in the UK, it's tailored for soccer enthusiasts seeking professional-level practice at home. Size & Build: Measures 5' wide x 4' high, with a depth of 3' 2" - robust yet light at 8kg. Quality Features: Includes extended run-back, net roof, and marked positions for ground anchors. Universal Play: Use on any surface - ideal for gardens, parks, or any sports field. Transport & Storage: Dismantles for easy transport in standard cars and storage convenience. Material & Durability: Crafted from high-impact uPVC that ensures extensive use with minimal maintenance. All-in-One Package: Comes equipped with, robust frame, locking system, durable net, secure clips, and reliable ground anchors. Get yours today and strengthen your soccer skills with quality equipment from Sports Ball Shop!


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