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  • Save -33% Mitre Calcio One 24 Training Football 6 Ball Pack

    Mitre Mitre Calcio One 24 Training Football 6 Ball Pack

    The Mitre Calcio training football is recognised as the most popular training football of all time. The Calcio ball has been upgraded to the Calcio One 24 with a brand new graphic design. This Mitre football offers great performance on both grass and astro turf. It is available in three colourways White, Yellow & Blue Old design available at a discounted price while stocks last 30 panel construction. Great value training football Suitable for grass and astro turf Available in sizes 3, 4 and 5


  • Save -33% Mitre Calcio One 24 Football

    Mitre Mitre Calcio One 24 Football

    Here we have a brand new graphic for 2024 of the extremely popular Mitre Calcio. With the new name, Calcio One 24, and the new design, we are sure you will love this ball just as much as we do. One of the most iconic names in football is the Mitre Calcio which was relaunched originally in August 2020. Available in sizes 3, 4 and 5 and also in 3 colours choices - White, Blue and Yellow. The Mitre Calcio One training balls have a 3.5mm EVA soft touch foam backing which helps young players build their confidence and develop skills to the max.


  • Save -36% Mitre Calcio One 24 Football x 10 Training Balls

    Mitre Mitre Calcio One 24 Football x 10 Training Balls

    This pack consists of 10 x Mitre Calcio training footballs and a bag.  The Calcio training football was relaunched in 2020 and has been revamped in 2024 with a brand new graphic in the Calcio One 24. The original Calcio was one of the longest lasting training balls on the market and topped the list for sales year after year. We have limited stock of the old graphic available at a discounted price The Calcio has striking graphics The reinforced bladder ensures this is a low maintenance ball. The layer between the outer and bladder is foam backed which gives the user more comfort and control. Suitable for grass and astro turf Available in sizes 3, 4 and 5


  • Save -14% Mitre Calcio Match Plus Match Football By Sports Ball Shop

    Mitre Mitre Calcio Match Plus Match Football

    The IMS Approved Mitre Calcio Match Plus match football is a great alternative for the Ultimatch Plus with the only difference being the graphic This ball is Mitre's mid level match ball suitable for clubs and schools. The Calcio Match Plus is available in size 4 & 5 and has a striking Blue/White Graphic. This ball is still constructed using the revolutionary Hyperseam technology and will not take on water, making it one of the best value match balls around. As the quality improves through the range so does the outer cover, on the Calcio Match Plus ball the outer is enhanced to an impressive 1mm PU outer which gives the user enhanced durability and improved feel. Along with the improved cover, Mitre has introduced a new textured design and graphics on the 20 panel ball. Under this comes a 4.5mm hyperfoam backing which is proven to improve player technique and confidence. IMS applies to size 5 ball only Please take extra care when inflating your ball, always use Mitre Gylcerine to lubricate the needle prior to inflating the ball. DO NOT use spit or water to lubricate the needle as this is abrasive and rubber repels water so, the needle will not become lubricated and can often cause damage to the bladder or valve.


  • Save -21% I-Pro Nova Training Football I-Pro Football Balls Sports Ball Shop

    I-Pro I-Pro Nova Training Football

    The I-Pro Nova Training Football is one of the best training balls and is a great option if you are looking for a good quality football without an inflated price. The only thing that is inflated is the ball although the Nova is supplied deflated for shipping purposes.The I Pro Nova football is a machine sewn TPU textured ball with TPE foam backing which is very popular on the modern training football. As it is proven to give better control, touch and genuinely performs consistently in all weather conditions.The Nova football is I Pro's best training football and has a nylon wound rubber bladder for better air retention. These footballs are one of the best buys available today. A number of professional clubs use NOVA for their Academies and the feedback has been very good. Available in sizes 3, 4 and 5 in a striking white/blue graphic.*Other colourways may be available to order by contacting us*


  • Save -21% 10 x I-Pro Training Footballs Inc Bag I-Pro Football Balls Sports Ball Shop

    I-Pro 10 x I-Pro Training Footballs Inc Bag

    I-Pro have produced a range of high quality footballs for a number of years. They focus on improving the quality of the ball without inflating the price.  The I-Pro Nova Training Football is one of the best training balls around at present and can also be used as a match football. The TPU textured finish gives better control, touch and performs consistently in all weather conditions. The Nova football has a nylon wound rubber bladder which offers I-Pro's best training ball for air retention. These footballs also retain their shape during play and retain the air for longer, making them one of the best buys available today. Available in sizes 3, 4 and 5.  The Nova balls are a slightly higher quality version of the Matrix and have a textured finish for even better feel and control. The I-Pro Nova ball is arguably one of the best training balls on the market.  We have a choice of sizes and colour options are also available. 10 x I-Pro Training Footballs Inc Bag.


  • Save -33% PT Rotario Match Football Precision Training Football Balls Sports Ball Shop

    Precision Training PT Rotario Match Football

    Experience professional gameplay with the FIFA Quality PT Rotario Match Football, a top-tier football ball designed for the ultimate football enthusiast. Crafted with a revolutionary 8-panel construction, it assures enhanced performance and durability. Empowered by advanced manufacturing technologies, the PT Rotario features an Anil Campus Vimini 1.00mm Silver textured PU outer with a Hempton embossed grain, ensuring optimal grip and a unique soft touch. Its internal layers include a high rebound 2mm EVA and a polyester combination, coupled with a 2.5mm EVA foam lining for even greater control during intense matches. Equipped with a robust thread bonded polyester butyl bladder, the PT Rotario conforms to official match weight and size regulations, making it the ball of choice for serious competitors. Available exclusively in size 5, the PT Rotario is not just a football; it's your ticket to experiencing a professional match any day, anywhere. Elevate your game with Precision Training's finest – the PT Rotario Match Football.


  • Save -20% PT Fusion Training Footballs 10 Ball Pack Plus Bag

    Precision Training PT Fusion Training Footballs 10 Ball Pack Plus Bag

    PT Fusion Training Footballs 10 Ball Pack with Bag Perfect for team practices and training sessions, the PT Fusion Training Footballs 10 Ball Pack includes a durable Lusum bag for easy transportation and storage. Utilize these FIFA Basic / IMS-standard balls for a stellar playing experience. Official size and weight with a natural rubber bladder FIFA BASIC (Previously International Match ball Standard (IMS)) for training use Variety in sizes (3, 4, 5) and colors (fluo orange, white/red, white/blue) Superb quality and value in one pack Interested in other colors? Contact Sports Ball Shop for availability.


  • Save -33% PT Fusion Training Football

    Precision Training PT Fusion Training Football

    The Precision Training Fusion football is the only training football currently that has the International Match Ball Standard (IMS) stamp. It is ideal for all training situations. It uses a high air retention bladder to ensure the ball stays inflated for longer, and the Fusion seams prevent the training football from absorbing water. The Precision Training Fusion football is an official size and weight football that is available in sizes 3, 4, and 5. Match-quality football at a training ball price. There are 3 colour choices fluo orange, white/red and white/blue.

    £6.79 - £7.99

  • Save -11% Mitre Premier Football Pack

    Mitre Mitre Premier Football Pack

    When looking for football packs, many coaches and clubs want quality match balls included. Here, all of the footballs supplied are high-quality Mitre training balls with two additional match balls and a set of 50 space-marking cones, all in their own carry bag. The Mitre Calcio Max is recognised as one of the best training footballs on the market, and the Mitre Calcio Match Plus is a high-quality match ball suitable for any club. The Mitre Football Pack includes:8 x Mitre Calcio Max training footballs.2 x Mitre Calcio Match Plus match football or the Ultimatch Plus if not available.50 x Assorted colour space marking cones, with a carry handle and a mesh bag.1 x Mesh Ball bag Capable of holding up to 10 fully inflated size 5 balls. This Mitre Football Pack is available in size 5 only. Please take extra care when inflating your ball. Always use Mitre Gylcerine to lubricate the needle prior to inflating the ball. DO NOT use spit or water to lubricate the needle, as this is abrasive and rubber repels water, so the needle will not become lubricated and can often cause damage to the bladder or valve.



Here at Sports Ball Shop we're mad about football, so much so that we've handpicked a range of footballs from the leading manufacturers that we consider to be the best on the market. Our collection of balls is all about variation, giving our customers a range of prices, brands and sizes to choose from.

Our range is designed to provide options for both training sessions and matches at all levels of the game. Our huge range includes :- indoor, recreational, high specification match and training balls, in a range of colours and sizes.

As part of our customer-centric ethos, we have developed a service that we believe will exceed the expectations of all of our customers, whether you order online or by phone.

Mitre Footballs

Mitre is one of the world's best known football equipment manufacturers, producing exceptional quality balls for over 100 years. Sports Ball Shop stock a variety of Mitre footballs and equipment, all of which have been tried and tested by our team to ensure that they meet our high expectations before we sell them.

Mitre balls are used in Football League and Scottish League and Cup football. It manufactures the official ball of The Championship.

Precision Training Footballs

Precision Training offer high quality football training equipment, ideal for teams and schools. Precision Training are well known within the industry for offering a range of apparatus and equipment that is capable of having a significant impact on the users performance and fitness

I Pro Footballs

I PRO is a British supplier of Footballs starting in 2010 and have 35 years experience in the sports trade and 15 years in the footballs market of which 8 were with one of the major brands supplying balls in the UK. I Pro use factories of the highest standard with the best quality training and match balls in the market and design teams providing some of the most contempory graphics around.

Futsal Balls

Futsal is one of the fastest growing games in the world. It is played indoors and uses 5 players, one of these is a goalkeeper. The game does not use backboards or walls and is confined to an area marked out with lines.

Futsal is usually played with 2 periods of 20 minutes and uses a ball which is smaller and has less bounce than a standard sized football.

We have a small range of quality Futsalls, from Mitre and Precision Training, that have been carefully selected to give quality and good value.

Football Goals

Football goals from some of the leading brands including Mitre and Precision Training. We stock a range for use in club or the back garden.

Easy set up and simple to take down and store. We have small and large goals available

How To Get Mentally and Physically Tougher To Play Football

How do I get tougher playing football?

Well this question really could be asked about any sport not just football. Each sport has different skill requirements whether it is the general fitness, power, strength, flexibility or in fact a combination of all of these.

Before starting any new exercise regime it is advisable to discuss it with your GP if you have not exercised in some time, also take some advice from your coaches what are the best things for you to be working on. Do not presume you need to go and start body building to make yourself bigger, as it may be they need you to be more flexible or to increase your stamina. So you need to make sure you are taking on the extra training that is required for the sport you are doing to help you improve.

Do you need to be tougher to become a better player? How do you even get tougher? These are tricky questions to answer without knowing the person and the sport. But one thing is for sure that getting tougher mentally is just as important as getting tougher physically. A lot of people think it is all about hitting the gym and the fitter and more muscular the tougher you will be. This is not always the case and the mental side of the game is often overlooked. Now if you are lucky enough to be selected to train with a professional team you will have sports psychologists and strength and conditioning coaches to work with you to help on all aspects of the game. However if you are just starting out in the game or playing for your local club side you do not have all these people around to help. So what can you do on your own?

To help with the mental side of your game you could pay for some private sessions with a Sports Psychologist, there are plenty around and it is simple to search online for people in your local area that offer this service. This however can be an expensive route to take so another option to possibly try first would be to look at some of the self help books that are currently available, you can use these to learn about how the mind works and tricks to help build your confidence, and one example of these books is called The Chimp Paradox written by Professor Steve Peters. Books like this one can help you to learn some of the simple tricks to adjust your mind set to have that belief in yourself and help you to gain the confidence that you can do whatever you set your mind to and achieve it to the highest level. Having self belief is so important and often underestimated when trying to make it at a high level whether that is in sport, school or work. It is also important to speak with your coaches if you have any concerns at all, whether it is in the tactics or in your own development as a player. They will be able to help guide and encourage you with your training, match play and overall development as a player.
With the physical side it is a slightly different story and one you will need to work hard at. It is also important to remember that you do not have to spend a fortune signing up to a gym to get the extra physical training. It costs you nothing to go for a run apart from a good pair of trainers, mix the running up by stopping off and doing some push ups, star jumps, burpees and sit ups along the route. If your route takes you past a set of monkey bars this is also a good way to help increase your strength, practice doing pull ups or just simply making your way across the bars. Also do not forget other activities like swimming which is also good, this uses muscles that you perhaps do not always work on and it is low/no impact so it enables your joints to still be working out without the additional stress on them. If you need to improve your flexibility then Pilates will be the ideal exercise for you, helping with balance, core strength and suppleness. Pilates also involves little or no impact on the joints so it can be a nice relaxing way to stretch out the muscles.

You can practise your football skills in the garden or in the park with friends or even just against a wall. Do some passing drills, ball control, use some marker cones to lay out a small area where you and a friend can try dribbling the ball and defending it from the other player. Simply working on controlling the ball and accurate passing will help your overall game no end.

Before you know it you will have improved the whole aspect of your game including your mental and physical toughness. The trick is do not just stop there, do not think, right I have got myself fit and read a book I am now ready to go, the truth is you can always improve and strive to be that little bit better, fitter, faster, stronger. If you want to succeed at anything it takes time, determination and perseverance and the ability to keep on trying no matter what setbacks you come across.

There is no instant quick fix, and there may always be players that are deemed to be better than you, but if you work hard and keep trying you will succeed to the highest level you can as a player.


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