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  • Save -29% Mitre Impel Futsal Green/Pink Size 4

    Mitre Mitre Impel Futsal Green/Pink Size 4

    The latest Mitre Futsal to join their range is the all NEW Green and Pink Mitre Impel Futsal ball. This is available in size 4 and with a unique green and pink graphic. The new Mitre Futsall ball is constructed with a 20 panel design which is very popular and offers a reliable performance and a futsal which offers a durable lifespan. The outer surface covers a 3.5mm soft foam layer ensuring the ball meets the highest of specifications for Futsal training. The Impel Futsal gives the player optimal control for close quarter passing.


  • Save -35% 5 x Mitre Impel Futsal Balls and a Bag

    Mitre 5 x Mitre Impel Futsal Balls and a Bag

    The Mitre Impel Futsal is a hard wearing futsal ball that is designed for the toughest of surfaces. This ball has now replaced the Mitre Tempest Futsal This Futsal pack contains the following 5 x Mitre Impel Futsals Size 4 1 x Tubular ball bag. The bag is capable of holding 5 fully inflated Futsal balls and is one of the best available.


  • Save -25% Mitre Ultimatch Futsal

    Mitre Mitre Ultimatch Futsal

    The very best match quality futsal is now available with the all new Mitre Ultimacth Futsal in size 3. This is the ideal match futsal and has a fantastic 30 panel design and stunning graphics which offers a reliable performance and an incredibly durable lifespan. The construction of the ball uses a 4.5mm soft foam lining which gives the futsal player the very best cushioned control. Mitre use the latest Hyperseam technology for optimum in play consistency and the tough PU outer makes is a reliable futsal ball with optimal abrasion resistance for use on all futsal surfaces. Made in Pakistan. Others sizes are available on request.


Futsal Footballs
Futsal is a five a side game, played indoors and on a smaller playing playing surface. The game was first played and developed in Brazil during the 1930's.

The game uses a ball that has less bounce and is smaller than a ball used in football, as this aids the technique and encourages the player to improvise. The walls and boards are not used in Futsal unlike other indoor five a side games.


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