Futsal Footballs

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    Mitre Mitre Impel Futsal Size 4

    Experience Precision with the Mitre Impel Futsal Size 4 Football  The spectacular addition to our inventory, the Mitre Impel Futsal Size 4 ball, boasts an eye-catching Yellow/Black design paired with cutting-edge 6 panel construction. Meticulously crafted for Futsal enthusiasts, it promises to deliver exceptional performance and long-lasting durability. Reign in the court with its premium 3.5mm soft foam layer, providing a feel and response that adheres to the highest Futsal stipulations. Elevate your game to unprecedented levels with a ball designed specifically for deft passes and optimal control in tight spaces. The new Mitre Impel Futsal is set to elevate your Futsal game. Make it yours and dominate the indoor arena with confidence.


Futsal Footballs
Futsal is a five a side game, played indoors and on a smaller playing playing surface. The game was first played and developed in Brazil during the 1930's.

The game uses a ball that has less bounce and is smaller than a ball used in football, as this aids the technique and encourages the player to improvise. The walls and boards are not used in Futsal unlike other indoor five a side games.


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