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  • Save -35% Full Size 4 Player Croquet Set By Sports Ball Shop

    Garden Games Full Size 4 Player Croquet Set

    This 4 Player Full Size Croquet Set has mallets made from high quality hardwood, making them a lot more durable and longer lasting than softer woods. The balls are made of a high quality plastic ensuring their durability over hours of use. They are made to the Croquet Association Championship recommended size and are milled with a design that gives the recommended pattern of grooves to give you consistency in play. The set comes in a heavy duty canvas bag, making it easy to transport but also allowing simple storage. The bag has both short handles and a shoulder strap offering you the option to carry it over your shoulder. The bag has special 'feet' so the bottom will not wear out when it is placed down on hard surfaces over time. Overall this is the perfect set for both amateurs and families or those who want to learn for the first time without buying something that will not last. The quality of materials and workmanship that has gone into this set makes it excellent value for money. The set includes: 4 x Hardwood Croquet Mallets 4 x Hardwood Croquet Mallets 4 x 12oz Plastic Croquet Balls (primary colours - yellow, blue, red and black) 6 x Painted Heavy Duty Steel Hoops - white, with one blue and one red top 1 x Hardwood Winning Post (painted with coloured bands yellow, blue, red and black) 1 x Waterproof Canvas Carry Bag with PVC lining, short carry handles, shoulder strap and feet Technical specifications: Full Mallet Length: 97cm / 38 inches Individual Mallet Weight: 1.19kg Oval Hardwood Mallet Handle - Length 89cm / 35 inches Mallet Head Dimensions: 23 cm long x 7.5 cm diameter Painted Wooden Winning Post: 53cm long x 3.5cm diameter 360g/12oz High Quality Plastic Croquet Balls, 92 mm diameter Coated Steel Hoops: 44cm long x 11.9cm wide Steel Hoop Thickness: 6mm diameter. Gap Between Uprights: 10.7cm Storage Bag: 98cm x 20cm x 26cm Recommended age: 14+


  • Save -15% Hurlingham Croquet Set

    Garden Games Hurlingham 4 player Croquet Set

    The Hurlingham croquet set is an extremely well built, traditional set and comes with regulation balls and hoops. This attractive croquet set is the finest in the range and the equipment within the set is of the highest quality. The impressive Hurlingham croquet set represents excellent value for money, offering a high quality, high specification set at an affordable price. Set includes: Hurlingham mallets with cylindrical brass bound heads and an inlaid sighting line Length: 36 inches weighing 2lb 10oz Composite balls weighing 1lb Diameter 3 5/8 inches 6 1/2 inch iron hoops Hoop mallet Centre peg 4 corner pegs Coloured metal clips Colour book of rules and tactics Packed in a solid ash box


  • Longworth Croquet Set

    Garden Games Longworth Croquet Set

    An excellent value, full sized 4 player croquet set. Probably the cheapest full sized set available. Includes 4 high quality full sized, natural hard wood mallets with leather bound handles, full sized 12oz balls, steel hoops, hoop mallet, corner flags, plastic clips, hardwood winning post and rules. Packed in a zip fastening nylon bag with shoulder strap for portability. Set includes: Includes 4 full sized natural hard wood mallets Leather bound mallet handles Full sized 12oz plastic balls Steel hoops Hoop mallet Corner flags Plastic clips Hardwood winning post and rules Packed in zip fastening bag Bag dimesnions: 95.5cm x 20cm x 25cm


  • Save -14% Cottage Croquet Set

    Garden Games Cottage Croquet Set

    This smaller-sized Croquet Set is ideal for the smaller garden, adult beginners, and children. The four hardwood mallets are 32 1/2 inches long with smaller-sized heads. The set contains four lighter-weight full-sized balls, lighter-weight steel hoops, hard wood winning posts, and rules. Everything you need to enjoy the game in full. This set comes packed in a zip-fastening nylon bag with handles for portability. Set includes:4 hardwood mallets4 lighter-weight, full-sized composite ballsLighter-weight steel hoopsWinning post and rulesPacked in a zip-fastening nylon bag


Garden Games Croquet Sets
Croquet to Suit your Lifestyle and Home

We offer a wide variety of high quality croquet sets ranging from basic family sets to high quality sets aimed at the competition player. Each of the sets has a detailed description to help guide you during the search for the perfect croquet set, including information on the suitable age groups and levels of experience that each set is suitable for. No matter if you are a complete beginner, an experienced croquet player, or just looking for some garden fun, we have a large range of croquet sets to suit your lifestyle and home.Croquet is a traditional game that is great fun for all the family where you can get everyone involved young and old. Croquet encourages the whole family to get out and enjoy the outdoors, and the skill involved can entail as much or as little physical activity as you like.

A set for any Croquet player

If you're looking for a family set that is suitable for a wide range of different age groups, one of our versatile Cottage Croquet sets would be a perfect choice, with the smaller sized mallets and balls being suitable for younger players and adults who feel more comfortable with a lightweight set.Alternatively, if you are interested in playing garden croquet with a group of adult players, the Hurlingham set will provide you with high quality croquet equipment, including lovely Rosewood mallets with brass banded heads and solid Ash wood handles.

Challenges, Excites and Develops Impressive Coordination

Croquet has been a garden favourite for centuries, and has been played in many different forms. A very appealing aspect of croquet is the incredible skill that is involved; it challenges, excites and develops impressive coordination for all ages.


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