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  • Save -60% Lusum Optio Pink Match Rugby Ball Lusum Sports Ball Shop

    Lusum Lusum Optio Pink Match Rugby Ball

    A great chance to buy quality match rugby balls at a great price The original Mid-Range Lusum Optio match ball is now on final clearance as we have launched our new graphic rugby balls. The Lusum Optio is a high quality match ball and is now available in size 5 only The ball has a 3 ply super Barbarian outer layer and is a great alternative to the Gilbert omega match balls. This design is in pink which has been proven to focus the attention of your players for longer. Top quality 'In-Seam' bladder with the max grain grip as standard. Pre-kicked to ensure the ball is match ready. Limited stocks. A needle adaptor is included with every ball Free Of Charge.


  • Save -26% Lusum Munifex Training Rugby Ball 8 Pack

    Lusum Lusum Munifex Training Rugby Ball 8 Pack

    The old graphics have now sold out, so please see the Lusum Optio Ball as an alternative. Incredible value, high-quality training balls for under £6.00 each, including VAT and delivery*. This ball is a great alternative to the Gilbert GTR4000 ball and is much more affordable. This rugby ball set comes with 8 high-quality Lusum Munifex training balls. We believe this to be the best training ball around today. It uses a simple design, but the latest technology makes this ball anything but simple. Using the latest high-grip 'virgin' grade rubber composition and a water-repellent surface, the ball can be used in all weather conditions. The Max Grain Grip gives a superior feel for players of all standards. The Munifex training ball is suitable for youth and adult players. 3-ply water-resistant rubber compound technologySuper bladderHighly visible training ballMax Grain gripAvailable in sizes 3, 4, and 5 Free Ball Adaptor with every Munifex Ball


  • Save -50% Lusum Optio 10 Ball Match Pack

    Lusum Lusum Optio 10 Ball Match Pack

    The Lusum Optio has a contemporary design and is a high-class match ball. The vibrant colour and design improves visibility, ensuring players are able to see the ball earlier and for longer. The Optio utilises the Max Grain grip, which is proven to perform well in wet or dry conditions. The ball is constructed using high-quality materials and has a super bladder and three-ply polycotton and cotton panels. These are covered with a silica-reinforced rubber coating to improve grip and handling. This ball is a great alternative to the Gilbert Omega ball and is much more affordable. This rugby ball set comes with the following:10 x Lusum Optio Match rugby balls1 x Lusum Breathable Ball Carry Bag The Optio Match rugby ball consists of:3-Ply Super Barbarian TechnologySilica-reinforced rubber surfaceTop quality in seam bladder Highly visible match ball Max Grain grip Pre-Kicked to ensure it is match readyAvailable in Red and BlackAvailable in sizes 4 and 5


  • Low stock! Lusum Munifex Cricket Ball

    Lusum Lusum Munifex Cricket Ball

    Here we have the Lusum Munifex cricket ball for the 23/24 season. This ball is suitable for school and club use. The Lusum Munifex cricket ball is designed to be used for training or for matches. This is a great quality and value for money ball. Made in Pakistan with 3 layers of Portuguese cork and Pakistan Wool core.Hand stitched.4 piece leather construction.Cowhide leather outer.                                                                                                              Particularly popular for nets/training sessions                                                              Available in men's 5 1/2oz, Womens 5oz & youth 4 3/4oz.  

  • Save -19% Lusum Rugby Coaching Pack

    Lusum Lusum Rugby Coaching Pack

    The Lusum rugby coaching pack is the best value coaching pack available. Available in size 4 or 5, this pack contains the essentials for a season of high quality rugby.Contents as follows: 10 x Lusum Munifex training rugby balls (Size 4 are Green/Navy, Size 5 are Blue/Navy) 2 x Lusum Optio match rugby balls 1 x set of 50 space marker cones and stand 1 x high quality breathable ball bag The Lusum rugby are recognised as offering exceptional quality balls for a realistic price, as Lusum do not spend vast sums on sponsorship, so the savings are passed directly to grassroots rugby.



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