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  • Save -20% Gilbert Eclipse Match Netball Gilbert Netball Balls Sports Ball Shop

    Gilbert Gilbert Eclipse Match Netball

    Gilbert Eclipse Match Netball Unlock unmatched performance and value with the Gilbert Eclipse Match Netball. Perfect for competitive games, this netball offers exceptional quality without breaking the bank. Expertly crafted from top-grade natural rubber for maximum durability. Multi-laminate construction ensures long-lasting use in any match or training environment. Advanced pro performance air-loc bladder maintains optimum pressure and bounce. Signature Gilbert grip configuration for unparalleled control during play. Innovative Hydratec technology to enhance longevity and grip in any weather condition. Available in official sizes 4 and 5 to cater to players of all ages and expertise. Maintenance Tips: Regularly check psi levels to ensure performance consistency. Steer clear of abrasive surfaces to prevent wear. Avoid sitting on the ball to maintain shape integrity. Rotate usage among balls in your collection for even wear.


  • Save -16%Low stock! Gilbert Eclipse Match Netball 5 Ball Pack with Ball Bag Gilbert Netball Balls Sports Ball Shop

    Gilbert Gilbert Eclipse Match Netball 5 Ball Pack with Ball Bag

    The Gilbert Eclipse Netball 5 Ball Pack is perfect for competitive matches, offering high performance without sacrificing value.Included is a sturdy Gilbert tubular ball bag in the 5 ball pack, selectable in size 4 or size 5. Experience superb play with: Top grade natural rubber surface Multi-laminate construction for durability Pro performance air-loc bladder Gilbert's unique grip configuration for control Hydratec technology to maintain quality in all conditions Maintain peak performance of your netballs with these care tips: Regular psi checks Avoidance of rough play surfaces Proper rotation within your kit to promote even wear


  • Save -11% Gilbert Match Synergie X Netball Gilbert Netball Balls Sports Ball Shop

    Gilbert Gilbert Match Synergie X Netball

    Gilbert Match Synergie X Netball Unleash the Potential: Elevate your game with the high-spec Gilbert Match Synergie X Netball, featuring cutting-edge technology and optimal performance. Experience the Synergie V2 grip for ultimate control and accuracy. Benefit from the G-XV rubber compound surface, specially designed for international match standards. Trust the durability with a multi laminate construction and Pro Performance air-loc bladder. Be game-ready with Hydratec technology for enhanced ball condition. Comply with INF regulations - available in size 5 and INF colours, exclusively for indoor use. Delivery Information: Enjoy a seamless ordering process with a 3-5 day delivery window to get you back in the game faster. Ball Care Tips: Maximize the lifespan of your netball by checking psi levels regularly, avoiding rough surfaces, rotating use in your kit, and never sitting on the inflated ball.


Match Quality Netballs
We carry large stocks of match quality netballs throughout the year, from leading brands such as Gilbert, Mitre and Sure Shot. The match balls are often available in sizes 4 and 5. All are available with our bulk buy discounts meaning the more you buy the cheaper each ball becomes.


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