Match Quality Netballs

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    Mitre Mitre Shooter Netball Ball

    The Mitre Shooter Netball ball is the ultimate choice for netball enthusiasts seeking a top-grade match ball. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor courts, this ball promises consistent performance no matter the venue.Choose from size 4 with a classic Red Design or size 5 featuring the New Delta Graphic, to match your style and preferences. With its 18 Panel design and Deep Pimple emboss, it offers unmatched grip in all playing conditions. The 3 ply lining reinforces the ball, ensuring extra strength and a long lifespan. Elevate your netball experience with the Mitre Shooter Netball ball, the choice of champions for both indoor and outdoor play.

    £8.79 - £10.42

Match Quality Netballs
We carry large stocks of match quality netballs throughout the year, from leading brands such as Gilbert, Mitre and Sure Shot. The match balls are often available in sizes 4 and 5. All are available with our bulk buy discounts meaning the more you buy the cheaper each ball becomes.


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