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  • Save -35% 5 x Mitre Impel Futsal Balls and a Bag Mitre Football Balls Sports Ball Shop

    Mitre 5 x Mitre Impel Futsal Balls and a Bag

    The Impel Futsal Balls and a Bag ball is a top-choice for players seeking resilience in their game. Engineered for challenging surface play, it has replaced the Mitre Tempest Futsal, bringing innovation to performance. This exclusive pack from Sports Ball Shop includes: 5 x size 4 Mitre Impel Futsals, renowned for their durability and performance. 1 x premium tubular ball bag, meticulously designed to carry 5 fully inflated Futsal balls with ease. Opt for this complete futsal set, combining quality and convenience, to elevate your matchday experience. Secure your set today!


  • Save -29% Mitre Impel Futsal Green/Pink Size 4 Mitre Football Balls Sports Ball Shop

    Mitre Mitre Impel Futsal Green/Pink Size 4

    Enhance Your Game with the Mitre Impel Futsal Green/Pink Size 4.The innovative Mitre Impel Futsal ball, in a stunning green and pink design, is now available in size 4 exclusively at Sports Ball Shop. This high-specification training ball boasts a 20-panel construction, known for its reliable performance and longevity on the futsal court.Experience the touch of professional futsal with the outer layer's 3.5mm soft foam, engineered to deliver durability and precise control for intricate passing. Secure your advantage with the ball that meets the demanding standards of futsal players.


Mitre Footballs
Mitre are regarded as one of the world's best football manufacturers, offering an unrivalled range of footballs for a number of different purposes. Mitre balls have been used in football matches and training sessions at all levels of the game for many years, having established a reputation for the quality and performance of their balls.

Mitre produce footballs specifically designed for recreational use, football training sessions, football matches, indoor games and training sessions and they even provide the football for the English Football League matches.

We stock a huge range of different Mitre balls, all of which are available at great prices and with fast delivery across the UK.


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