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  • Save -29% Molten BG3000 Outdoor Basketball

    Molten Molten BG3000 Outdoor Basketball

    The Molten BG3000 Outdoor basketball was introduced on the 1st April 2020 and replaces the popular Molten BGH basketball. The new BG3000 ball can be used indoors and outdoors too. The new style surface gives the player a hugely increased surface area with contact to hand. This makes the ball easier to use for novice players. The new textured surface replaces the pebble surface of previous models and is being extended across the whole Molten range when launched. The BG3000 training basketball is available in size 5, 6 and 7. Molten have also looked at improving the look of the synthetic leather ball by reducing the size of the Molten logo which gives the player an even bigger grip area. The synthetic leather material gives the appearance of real leather but is far more durable making it perfect for use on all surfaces. The Molten BG3000 is available in all 3 sizes.


  • Save -26%Low stock! Molten BG3800 Match Basketball

    Molten Molten BG3800 Match Basketball

    The Molten BG3800 basketball is FIBA Approved. Available in size 5, 6 and 7. The new style ball has the latest Original Leather Textured Surface with a composite leather outer, which offers the finest quality at an affordable price. The new style grip has been tested and offers the player a larger surface area to handle as the area in contact with the hand is up to 95% wider compared to that of a pebble surface. The new style colour in matt finish has also been extensively tested and the improved colour contrast has been proven to give better visibility too. To offer a better grip the text on the ball has also been reduced in size by 25%, which allows the player to see more of the ball and gives an increased grip area. Designed with a composite leather surface with 2 layer construction. The 1st layer is a non woven material and the 2nd outer layer is made of PU which has a coating which is heat embossed with the imitation leather pattern to give the appearance of the BG5000 leather basketball. Indoor use only.


  • Save -16% Molten BG4500 Indoor Basketball

    Molten Molten BG4500 Indoor Basketball

    The latest basketball to hit the courts is the new Molten BG4500 ball which is the exact ball used in the BBL, WBBL, Basketball Scotland and Basketball Ireland tournaments. The BG4500 is the replacement basketball for the popular BGGx basketball. The new model has a completely different grip which has been applied to all of the new models rolling out over 2020/21. The BG4500 ball has a premium grade official composite leather textured surface and is available in size 6 and 7. The new style surface gives the player a far better chance to grip the ball as the surface area is 95% greater. The BG4500 has a gloss finish unlike some of the other models in the range and the outer layer has a foamed structure giving the player a softer feeling basketball. Already proving very popular now it has replaced the BGGx basketball. This basketball is for INDOOR use only and is FIBA Approved.


  • Save -13% Molten 6 Ball Basketball Club Pack

    Molten Molten 6 Ball Basketball Club Pack

    We have designed this pack for coaches and clubs, to ensure coaches and clubs get the best value for money. This pack has 5 high quality Molten training basketballs and 1 top of the range Molten match ball. It also comes with its own basketball carry bag capable of holding 6 fully inflated basketballs. All basketballs in this pack are Official size and weight. 1 x Molten 6 ball carry bag Available in size 6 & 7 5 x Molten BG3000 training basketballs 1 x Molten BG4500 match basketball This Size has been upgraded and now includes 5 x BG3000 and 1 x BG4500 basketballs


  • Save -20% Molten BGR Basketball Ball

    Molten Molten BGR Basketball Ball

    The Molten Basketball BGR ball range is FIBA APPROVED. With the new Official 12-PANEL design rubber cover. The BGR range uses a special rubber compound to give great durability and a tacky feel. It has a deep pebble surface and is Nylon wound with a Butyl bladder. Official size and weight. Available in 4 sizes - 3, 5, 6, 7 (Tan/Yellow only in size 3) FIBA Approved New Official 12-Panel Design Special rubber compound outer Ultimate tacky feel Deep pebble outer cover Butyl bladder Can be used for indoor or outdoor use


  • Save -14% Molten 3 Ball Basketball Pack

    Molten Molten 3 Ball Basketball Pack

    The Molten 3 Ball Basketball pack of balls are FIBA APPROVED. We have designed this pack for coaches and clubs. The Size5, 6 and 7 packs contain the following 3 x Official BG3800 game balls suitable for England Schools Available in sizes 5, 6 & 7 FIBA Approved This 3 ball Molten Basketball pack contains 3 balls and a Lusum 3 ball basketball tube. This bag is capable of holding up to 3 fully inflated size 7 basketballs.


  • Molten 6 Ball Basketballs Bag

    Molten Molten 6 Ball Basketballs Bag

    This high quality ball bag from Molten is able to hold up to 6 fully inflated basketballs. Comes with a shoulder strap and a zip top. Colour blue.


  • Save -20% Molten BGR Pink Basketball

    Molten Molten BGR Pink Basketball

    Molten have now added a PURPLE colourway to sit alongside their pink basketball in the BGR stable of basketballs. This ball is constructed using the same techniques as all other BGR basketballs and is also FIBA approved. The 12-PANEL rubber design uses a special rubber compound to give great durability and a tacky feel. It has a deep pebble surface and is Nylon wound with a Butyl bladder. The pink BGR basketball is official size and weight for womens basketball and boys aged 11 to 14 years Available in size 6 only FIBA Approved Using the Official 12-Panel Design Special Rubber Compound Outer Deep Pebble Outer Cover Butyl Bladder Suitable for use indoors or outdoor


Molten Basketballs
Molten are a pioneering basketball manufacturer who are responsible for the introduction of a range of innovative technologies in basketball. Molten basketballs offer unquestionable quality, performance and value for money, and have developed a reputation as a result of their impressive basketball range.

Molten basketballs are used in a host of different competitions and leagues, including the British Basketball League. Molten basketballs offer incredible specifications at affordable prices and also feature the latest in basketball design.


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